Will Vizio Soundbar Work With TCL Roku TV?

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Generally, when you buy your TCL Roku TV, you would want to get a soundbar that would work with your smart TV. Then you check around for the type of soundbar to purchase and find out that you like the Vizio soundbar.

But then, you are not sure if it would work with your TCL Roku TV and you decided to ask a question, “Will the Vizio soundbar work with TCL Roku TV?” and I’m sure you want an answer, so the big news is I have an answer for you.

Yes, the Vizio soundbar will work with TCL Roku TV, But under few conditions. The TCL Roku TV remote control is only good for the TV speaker’s volume control.

When you connect your Vizio soundbar system to the TV and on the setting up you pick “connect to Vizio soundbar” then you would have to use your Vizio soundbar remote for volume sound control.

How to connect my Vizio soundbar to TCL Roku TV

Connecting your Vizio soundbar to a TCL Roku TV is not different from connecting it to another TV model. While It seems easy if you own the correct components, it could still seem a bit illogical for some of us. So, below are steps you can follow to connect your Vizio soundbar to TCL Roku TV.

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Step 1

Connect your Vizio soundbar to the TCL Roku TV, ensure they are turned off at this point.

Step 2

Power on the two devices.

Step 3

Power on the settings on your TCL Roku TV.

Step 4

Press the controls other devices option.

Step 5

Allow the connection you picked to connect.

Step 6

Tug up the system sound control on the main menu.

Step 7

Allow the connection you picked to connect.

Step 8

Press home. Your Vizio soundbar should be working by now.

How do I connect my Vizio soundbar to my TCL Roku TV with an optical wire?

You can connect your Vizio soundbar to your TCL Roku TV by connecting the optical wire to the interrelated ports on the two devices. Both the input and output should be vividly labelled on the backside of both cables.

Can I connect a Bluetooth soundbar to my TCL Roku TV?

No, you cannot connect a Bluetooth soundbar device to the TCL Roku TV itself. You can only pair Bluetooth devices if you make use of the TCL Roku wireless speakers or soundbars. To connect to the TCL Roku TV, you’d need to get a wired connection.

How do I allow ARC on my TCL Roku TV?

When you are trying to connect a device that aids ARC which means audio return channel to your TCL Roku TV, you would have to be sure that the T link is prompted on the TV settings. Do the following steps to activate the T link on your TCL Roku TV.

Step 1

On the TCL Roku TV home screen, click on the setting button on the remote control.

Step 2

Still making use of the remote, pick system.

Step 3

Proceed by Choosing the T link: when you activate the T link, it will allow the ARC. This only applies if the connected device aids the ARC. Ensure that you connect your ARC device to the HDMI port marked ARC on the TV.

Step 4

Still, with the remote, pick on.

Step 5

Then set the selected power on and auto standby.

Step 6

Proceed by returning to the TCL Roku TV home screen and pick settings on the upper right side.

Step 7

Then, choose device preferences: if your TCL Roku TV is working on TV 8, you would find input in the settings instead of device preferences.

Step 8

Pick inputs.

Step 9

Still, with the remote, scroll down to consumer electronics control and fix the preferred settings. Make use of these settings to enable your TV and HDMI devices to regulate each other.

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How do I connect my Bluetooth soundbar to my smart TV?

Do the following steps below, if your soundbar would not power on after you turn on your paired TV or if your soundbar won’t produce sound even though you press your TV button on the TV remote control.

NB – your soundbar might not connect to the paired TV automatically after it is fixed to a different input or paired to a Bluetooth device rather than the TV.

Step 1:

Power on your TV.

Step 2:

Press the home button on the TV remote control.

Step 3:

Choose settings>bluetooth settings>add device.

  • Your TV will be in pairing mode and a list of functional Bluetooth devices will show after a few seconds.

Step 4:

Choose your soundbar name from the list and conduct the pairing.

Why won’t my subwoofer connect to my soundbar?

If your subwoofer has refused to connect to your soundbar, unplug the power wire and also unplug the subwoofer. Be sure that the subwoofer is plugged in first, then you can plug in the bar. After that, nothing else. Then press the pairing button on your subwoofer and follow the instructions on the user manual to pair.

How do I allow the ARC on my TV?

Most devices that fund the ARC features will have one or probably over one HDMI inputs that have been labelled ARC. Although, note that not all TVs and receivers are being supplied with the ARC feature.

To validate that the receiver and your TV funds the ARC feature, you would have to check the specifications which is the manual. NB – be sure that the A/V receiver has the new software version before making use of the ARC feature.

Step 1

Attach one end of high-quality, high-speed HDMI cord to the TV’s output ARC connection of the receiver. NB – low-quality types of cords that are not labelled high speed could not give the ARC function.

Step 2

Attach the other end of the HDMI cord to the HDMI ARC input on your TV.

Step 3

Fix the HDMI control settings on the receiver to on.

Step 4

Making use of the receiver remote control, tap the home or menu button.

The menu button would show off the screen, if it does not, check your connections properly.

  • Click on settings.
  • Pick enter.
  • Choose HDMI control or CTR. HDMI.
  • Pick enter.
  • Choose on or ctrl on.
  • Press enter.
  • Fix the control for HDMI setting on the TV to on.

On the TV remote, press the menu or home button.

  • Pick set up or settings.
  • Choose HDMI.
  • Choose control for HDMI.
  • Pick on.


How to connect my soundbar to a smart TV

How to connect your soundbar and your smart TV would depend on the available connection ports. Check the two devices and then pick the applicable connection method that will be listed below and follow the next steps.

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Step 1: Select your connection method-

  • Only optical digital audio wire.
  • HDMI and optical audio wire.
  • Analog audio wire.
  • Connect another device to your soundbar and TV.

Step 2: After your devices have been connected switch the audio settings.

  • Power on your TV.
  • Power on your soundbar.
  • On your TV, with your remote control, change the audio settings from TV speakers to the audio system.

NB- it might be important for you to change your soundbar settings to TV, depending on your model though.

What is the best connection system for a soundbar?

The best connection system for a soundbar is the HDMI wire. It is the best way to connect your soundbar to your TV, and this is because the HDMI wire transmits sound digitally, which means the sound would be raw and uncompressed.

Also, the HDMI wires could regulate the most high-end soundbars involving the ones that support enclosed sound.

How do I control my soundbar with my TCL Roku TV remote control?

If you make use of a TV, like the TCL Roku TV and you are unable to control the volume of your soundbar, I know how annoying that can be, but fortunately, there’s a solution that might work for you.

Assessing the fact that TVs are very expensive, their speaker systems are incredibly poor. The issue is caused primarily by the brief space available and as TVs become advanced thinner, their speakers have smaller rooms to function, so we end up with a light sound which makes us use an external speaker like soundbars.

In most cases, they give fuller and clearer sounds than what the TV speakers are capable of. Better still, if you own a TCL Roku TV you can control your soundbar with the use of your Roku TV remote control after all who wants to go through the stress of dealing with two remote controls.

Follow the steps that will be listed below to know how to control your soundbar with your Roku TV control.


Turn on your TV, click open the Roku interface and go to the home and then press settings.

Step 2:

With your remote, scroll down and pick audio.

Step 3:

Press the audio preferences and then audio mode.

Step 4:

Pick AUTO (DTS).

Step 5:

Go back to the audio menu and go to S/PDIF.

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Fix it to Auto detect.

Step 7:

Head back to the audio menu for the last time and pick ARC.

Step 8:

Fix the option to Auto-detect again.

Step 9:

Head to settings, then system and CEC.

Step 10:

Tick the checkbox closer to HDMI (ARC).

NB – if you are making use of a Roku box, you would need to do all the steps listed above but also allow the features on your TV settings menu.

If there’s no ARC, don’t panic. Even though your soundbar does not boast ARC aid, you may still be able to regulate your soundbar with your Roku TV remote control if the soundbar aids HDMI.

Go to settings, then system and control other devices and power on system audio control to try it. If none of these methods works for you, you might have to get a universal remote control.

How do I reset my soundbar?

Clutch and hold the power and volume buttons on your soundbar for over 5 seconds. If model-specific notification is expected to finish the steps, you have to check your user manual.

Is the HDMI cable louder than the optical cable?

The primary difference is that HDMI wires can transmit outstanding resolution audio, which comprises formats based on Blu-ray.

While the optical wires would not be able to transfer these high-resolution sound formats. HDMI wires can also transmit video signals.

Do I need a specific HDMI wire for Dolby ATMOS?

Practically, this means Dolby ATMOS over ARC at a high resolution which you presently can’t do. Nevertheless, your recent wires can. If you later purchase an HDMI 2.1 TV and an HDMI 2.1 soundbar, your present high-speed cables would be able to transfer ARC.

Can I connect any wireless subwoofer to a soundbar?

No, you can’t put in a standalone subwoofer to some soundbars. It is normally only valid when both the soundbar and the subwoofer are auctioned together and developed to natively connect.

 Will Vizio Soundbar Work With TCL Roku TV – Conclusion

Your Vizio soundbar can work with your TCL Roku TV but on a certain condition, which is you would have to make use of different remote controls to regulate the sounds. But there are ways by which you can regulate the volume with just one remote control, and I’ve listed it earlier.

You cannot connect a Bluetooth soundbar to your Roku TV but you can pair Bluetooth devices if you make use of wireless devices. I have also listed the ways by which you can connect your Bluetooth soundbar to your soundbar.

Check your user manual for additional information if need be. I also showed the best connection system, which is the HDMI cables because it transmits higher resolution sounds and also passes video signals which the optical cables cannot do.

I hope I have been able to answer all your questions, feel free to ask more questions and add more ideas regarding these topics in the comment section. We would be glad to answer your questions and also learn from you. Cheers!!

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