Will Vizio Soundbar Work With Samsung TV?

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Normally, after purchasing your Samsung TV, you’d always want to get a home theatre or a soundbar that would work perfectly with your TV, then you search the internet for a good home theatre and find the Vizio soundbar and then a question pops up in your head. “Will the Vizio soundbar work with Samsung TV?”. Very well then, I have an answer for you.

Of course, the Vizio soundbar would work with this Samsung TV model (SAMSUNG QN32Q50RAFXZA Flat 32″ QLED 4K 32Q50 Series Smart) as long as the Vizio soundbar has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

After a lot of exploration, I discovered the Vizio soundbar provides the best sound ATMOS. It is smart enough to work, even with background noises.

It enriches your auditory occurrence while enjoying any entertainment on your Samsung TV. I’d recommend that you get one for your Samsung TV.

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How do I connect the Vizio soundbar to my Samsung TV using HDMI?

The choice you pick to connect your soundbar to your Samsung TV with HDMI will provide you with the best possible audio sound.

HDMI cords convey sound digitally, which would make everything very clear. We have two procedures in which you could connect your soundbar using HDMI.

  • By linking a device to your soundbar. An appliance like a Blu-ray player or a video game system.
  • By linking the soundbar to your Samsung TV or by making use of the audio return channel( ARC).

You can bring about the use of the initial procedure if you want to get the best sound from the exterior device you would use to watch movies or play games frequently, while you can make use of the second method if you have just your Samsung TV and a soundbar and you want perfect audio sound for your streaming applications like Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu. To link your soundbar and a device using the HDMI cord, you’d need to follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Be sure that the soundbar, your Samsung TV, and device are all turned off. Connect one end of the HDMI cord into any HDMI port on your Samsung TV. NB – note the port you pick. Then connect the other end to the out HDMI port on your soundbar.

Step 2

Connect another HDMI cord from the out HDMI port on your wire box or video game system to the in HDMI port on your soundbar.

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Step 3

Switch on your device and turn on the soundbar.  Then, tap the source or function to switch the soundbar to HDMI.

Step 4

Switch on your Samsung TV and tap the source or function to switch your Samsung TV to the HDMI port you connected the soundbar to in step 1.

Step 5

A picture would appear from the device on your Samsung TV, and you would hear sounds from the soundbar. By now it should be working. But let’s take another step to make this setup the best it could ever be.

Switch on the Any net + on your soundbar. This can be done by pressing the right on the soundbar remote navigation button. This could cause the soundbar to automatically switch on when you turn on your wire box or video game system.

NB – a few soundbars have a button that has been labelled any net + on the remote. If none of these methods works, kindly check out the user manual for your soundbar.

Switch on Any net + HDMI CEC on your Samsung TV. On your Samsung TV, it can be turned on by default, but to be sure, go to the settings, then general, external device manager, and Anynet+ HDMI CEC.

This would make your Samsung TV turn on by itself when both your device and soundbar are turned on. If this doesn’t work out, please check out the user manual for your Samsung TV.

To make this last step work out you’d have to include allowing HDMI CEC settings on your device, for example, a wire box, Blu-ray player, or the video game system, and setting up the universal control on your Samsung TV.

To fix the HDMI CEC settings on your device, you would need to make use of the user manual for your device.

NB – if your exterior device is 4k compatible, you’d need to make sure that the soundbar favours pass through.

To link your soundbar with ARC HDMI

The neatest TV feature you have probably never heard of is the Audio Return Channel(ARC) HDMI. This ARC allows specific TVs and soundbars to transmit audio sound back and forth using just one HDMI cord.

This means you could use the HDMI port as both an audio input or output. The only available downside is that your soundbar would take up a port on your TV that would have normally been connected to an external device.

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To fix the ARC HDMI, turn on your Samsung TV and soundbar

To proceed, connect one end of the HDMI cord to the ARC HDMI in port on your Samsung TV. Then connect the other end to the TV ARC HDMI out port on your soundbar.

Change the origin of your soundbar to D.IN. settings. After a few seconds, the “TV ARC” would show on the soundbar’s screen and the TV would transmit audio sound through the soundbar.

How do I know if my Samsung TV is compatible with a soundbar?

To know that your Samsung TV is compatible with a soundbar doesn’t require steps, you just need to notice some of a few things and you are ready.

If you notice that your Samsung TV and soundbar both have an HDMI port marked ARC which is for audio return channel, a single HDMI cord, then it is or they are compatible.

If your Samsung TV or any TV you have doesn’t have an HDMI or ARC output, then you’d need both visual and HDMI connections between your TV and the soundbar, and you may have to activate the ARC on your TV.

Is it better to connect my soundbar with optical or HDMI connections?

HDMI and optical soundbars connections give quality audio sound as part of a home theatre system. Nevertheless, HDMI soundbars connections enable the use of video and audio, making them the best option when it is being used in the intersection with your Blu-ray player, consoles, television, and a lot more.


How do I enable the ARC on my TV?

A few devices that have the ARC features will have one or probably over one HDMI inputs that have been labelled ARC. Although, not all TVs and receivers are being supplied with the ARC feature.

To validate that the receiver and your TV funds the ARC feature, you would have to check the specifications which is the manual. NB – be sure that the A/V receiver has the new software version before making use of the ARC feature.

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Step 1

Connect one end of high quality, high-speed HDMI cord to the TV’s output ARC connection of the receiver. NB – low-quality types of cords that are not labelled high speed could not give the ARC function.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the HDMI cord to the HDMI ARC input on your TV.

Step 3

Fix the HDMI control settings on the receiver to switch on. Making use of the receiver remote control, tap the home or menu button.

The menu button would show off the screen, if it does not, check your connections properly.

  • Click on settings.
  • Pick enter.
  • Choose HDMI control or CTR.HDMI.
  • Pick enter.
  • Choose on or ctrl on.
  • Press enter.
  • Fix the control for HDMI setting on the TV to on.
  • On the tv remote, press the menu or home button.
  • Pick set up or settings.
  • Choose HDMI.
  • Choose control for HDMI.
  • Pick on.

How do I connect my TV to the soundbar without any ARC?

You can achieve this by just following two steps.

Step 1

Once you connect an outward device to your TV without the use of ARC and soundbar, connect the HDMI cord which is sold separately from the external device to the TV. Then, connect the outward device to the soundbar making use of an optical cord, this is also sold separately.

Step 2

If you intend to connect just your TV, then HDMI connections are unnecessary.

Can I connect a soundbar to a TV wirelessly?

Of course, you can wirelessly connect a few soundbars to TVs if they are allowed for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. While these stops using cords, it is better to make use of an HDMI connection because there’s no problem with lagging or network problems. You can also make use of an optical cord.

What should I do if my TV does not have an HDMI port?

If your TV is an older version that does not have an HDMI port or probably an older ideal description tube tv, you might need to make use of an adapter or a junction switch box most especially if you want to keep on watching OTA programming or cable. Examine the tv for ports.

How do I reset my soundbar?

Press and hold the power and volume buttons on your soundbar for over 5 seconds. If model-specific information is needed to finish the steps, you have to check your user manual.

Why won’t my soundbar work with my Samsung TV?

On your Samsung TV, go to audio or sound, then select speaker or speaker settings. NB – if your TV does not have this in settings, examine the back of the TV to see if it has or owns any audio output ports. If it does not have, then this simply means that your TV does not aid the outward sound system.

Why can’t I hear sounds from my soundbar?

Be sure that the ARC feature of your audio device is on or has been set up to auto. Validate the sound output from your TV after switching on your TV and the audio device. Be sure that the audio device has been fixed to the input of the TV. You can change the TV output settings to PCM and test the sound output.

Why won’t my subwoofer connect to my soundbar?

If your subwoofer has refused to connect to your soundbar, unplug the power wire and also unplug the subwoofer. Be sure that the subwoofer is plugged in first, then you can plug in the bar. After that, nothing else.

Then press the pairing button on your subwoofer and follow the instructions on the user manual to pair.

Can I connect any wireless subwoofer to a soundbar?

No, you can’t put in a standalone subwoofer to some soundbars. It is normally only valid when both the soundbar and the subwoofer are auctioned together and developed to natively connect.

Will Vizio Soundbar Work With Samsung TV – Conclusion

The Vizio soundbar can work with your Samsung TV as long as it is Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The Vizio soundbar provides the best sound quality while making use of your tv. I’d recommend that you get one for your tv.

You can connect your soundbar by following two procedures which are by linking a device to your soundbar and by making use of the ARC.

Each of these procedures has a few steps to follow which I have listed earlier, and if you have any issues, try the procedures again till you get the connection.

It’s better to make use of the HDMI connections because it allows the use of video and audio, which makes it the best intersection with your consoles and other devices.

You can also connect your soundbar to your TV wirelessly. I hope I have been able to answer every one of your questions, and I hope you’d be able to get every one of the steps that were listed in this article.

Do not hesitate to ask more questions and contribute to these questions in our comment section. We would be so glad to answer your questions and also learn from you. We hope to hear from you soon. Cheers.

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