Why Is One Airpod Battery Lower Than The Other?

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In this article, I will be looking at the AirPods battery. Specifically, I will be looking at some of the factors that may be responsible for the battery level of the AirPods being lower than the other even when they were charged the same thing.

This is in continuation of my series on Airpods which seeks to address some of the most common questions about the user and functionality of the device.

So, Why is one Airpods battery lower than the other? Have you ever wondered why one of your AirPods batteries is lower than the other? I mean you charge both of them at the same time and when you put them into use, you discover that the battery level of one has gone down more than the other.  There are several reasons why this may be happening and they include: Setting your Airpods Mic to use on the Airpod, Siri Configured on one Airpod, Hardware Defect Etc. 

Setting your Airpods Mic to use on the Airpod

Ideally, the Airpod is designed to use the Mic of one of the Airpods when you are making calls. The choice of which Airpod mic to use is determined by some algorithms embedded during the manufacturing of the device.

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This means that when you receive or make a call using your Airpod, the Airpod chooses between the mic of either the right or left Airpods. Some people disable this feature and force the device to use only the right or left Airpods during calls.

The implication of this is that one of the Airpods is being used more than the other and this may lead to the situation where the battery of the one used for calls is lower than the other.

Siri Configured on one Airpod

Siri is the Artificial intelligence engine of Airpods. It helps you carry out a lot of functions through gestures and voice. For instance. You can say ‘Battery level’ and Siri will tell you the battery level of your device.

Some people use the Airpod for Siri and this can greatly affect the battery life. Some users have identified that setting up Siri to use one ear can cause the battery life to drain 5 to 6 times faster than the other.

Hardware Defect

It may also be that the battery of one of the Airpod has been damaged and is unable to charge correctly. Unfortunately, there is no way to change the battery of the Airpods. So, if the battery of your Airpods is damaged, you have no option than to buy another one.

How to make your Airpods Battery last longer

In our world today, we are experiencing a boom in wireless devices from wireless mice, wireless keyboards, and wireless audio devices of which Airpods is one of them.

The Airpod can last for about 6 hours if you play music and about 2 and a half hours for calls. With the charging case, the Airpods can last for 24 hours of playing music and about 11 hours of talk time.

If you notice that the battery life of your Airpod is below this time, it is surely an indicator that something is not right somewhere. In such situations, you have to contact an Apple-certified technician to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

Meanwhile, before taking it to a technician, there are few things you can do by yourself that can improve
the battery lifespan significantly.

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Always keep your Airpods in the Case

This is important not because it can improve the lifespan of the battery but because by constantly keeping the Airpods inside the charging case, you will get more listening time since the Airpods will always be charging when not in use.

Putting the Airpods in the charging case is also a good safety measure as it protects the Airpods from thefts, scratches, dust, exposure to liquids and chemicals, and other materials that can damage the device.

Don’t play with the Case

Opening and closing the charging case unnecessarily is not good for the battery life. Apple warns that fiddling with the charging case has an impact on the battery life; so, do well and avoid this for the good of the Airpods.

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Use one Airpod at a time

Another great way to increase the lifespan of your Airpod is to make use of only one of the AirPods. Using one of the Airpods at a time means you are using half of the power at a time. In this way, when the battery of one goes down, you can plug it back into the charging case and use the other one.

The interesting thing here is that you don’t need to worry about the sound quality. Apple has designed the Airpod to automatically change from stereo to mono mode when you are using only one Airpod. With this, you enjoy the full sound quality even with only one Airpod.

Avoid keeping them in an environment with extreme temperature

Batteries are best at room temperature. Keeping the device in extreme temperatures like snow or direct sunlight is the easiest way to damage the battery of any device. If you want your Airpods to serve you for long, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.

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Disable Some Smart Features

Airpods have some advanced features including Siri, which is the AI feature of the Airpods. With Siri, you can control the Airpod with your voice. For instance, if you say ‘what is my battery level’, Siri will respond back telling you what your battery level is.

There is also Automatic Ear detection. This feature stops the sound playing on the Airpod immediately the Airpods are removed from your ear and restart when you put them back on your ears.

Although these features are very good and helpful, they are not compulsory and I suggest you turn them off if you want your battery to last longer.

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Lower the Airpods Volume

As you have observed, the higher the volume, the higher the rate at which the Airpods battery goes down. If you want the Airpod battery to last longer after a full charge, do not use it at full volume. Playing your music on a moderate level will give you up to one extra hour compared to when playing at full volume.

Get a Powerbank

If you have tried all the suggestions above and the case is recurring, I suggest you get a mobile power bank. With a power bank, you can always charge the device on the go and by doing this, you increase the uptime of the device.

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What audio devices can I buy in place of Airpods?

If you don’t have the resources to acquire an Airpods, there are other great audio devices you can buy as an alternative. In this section, I will be reviewing some of them and letting you know why you should give them a try.

1. Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2

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This device is a good alternative to Airpod especially for those who want something far cheaper than Airpods. The features include:

  • They are IPX5-rated. This means that they are water-resistant. However, you are not expected to submerge them in water.
  • The battery life is awesome. On a full charge, you can go as far as 7 hours and up to 24 hours of playtime if you are using the charging case.
  • It comes with a quick charging case. The charging case can give the Airpod up to 2 hours of Airplay from just 10 minutes of charging.
  • The nozzle is designed to prevent fatigue.
  • The touch controls are intuitive and comprehensive.
  • You enjoy pure sound due to its targeted active noise cancellation. With the sound core app, you are able to choose your ideal listening scenario. This filters out all other sound disturbances, leaving you with only pure sound.
  • The device is designed with six noise cancellation microphones. This ensures that your voice is differentiated from other sounds to give you a near face-to-face experience.
  • With the ten hardened nano-layers drivers, you get a 40% boost to your bass and
  • 25% wider frequency bandwidth compared to other drivers.

2. Beats Powerbeats Pro

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The greatest selling point of this device is the battery life. If you are looking for a device that substantially beats Airpods in terms of battery life, Beats Powerbeat pro is the answer. It can last up to 10 hours of constant playing and up to a day with the charging case. It supports very quick charging.

For instance, charging it for just 5 minutes can give up to an hour and a half of playtime while a 15 minutes charge can produce around 4 and half hours of playtime. Other features are:

  • The Airpod is rugged thereby making it less susceptible to damage.
  • It has an IPX4 rating. Therefore it is protected from drizzling and water splash and sweat.
  • It has an H1 integration which allows for hands-free access to Siri the AI tool.
  • It comes with an ear hook which is adjustable. These ensure stability and
  • It is compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • Each earbud has a volume and track control, microphone with voice capability, and automatic play and pause capability.
  • They are designed using the same H1 headphone chip and class 1 Bluetooth for extended range and minimal dropout.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

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This is a great choice for Samsung Galaxy and other users. The sound quality is top-notch and it is designed with excellent noise-cancelling technology. Samsung Galaxy Bud Pro was the first to support the Samsung 360 audio.

With this audio device, you also enjoy the following Samsung benefits such as adaptive streaming using the
Samsung scalable codec and direct access to Bixby. Other features of the Products Includes:

  • The device is well designed for more comfortable, secure, and long-term use.
  • They have an IPX7 rating. This means it can be submerged in water for over 30 minutes.
  • For Samsung Galaxy 10 and newer devices, you can charge the Airpods wirelessly from wherever you are.
  • With its intelligent music control, you can control your playlist without touching your phone. You can answer calls, launch music, and skip songs by simply touching the earbuds.
  • With its excellent noise cancellation feature, it has the capability of filtering every other voice except your and amplifying it to give you and your listener a face-to-face experience.
  • The earbud has a long-lasting battery life which is further improved by the wireless charging capability. This allows the earbud to share the battery life of the compatible Samsung device by simply placing the earbuds at the back of the Samsung device.

4. Microsoft Surface Earbuds

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  • Microsoft Surface Earbuds uses Bluetooth 5.0 firmware
  • They support aptX and SBC streaming. This means iPhone users can’t stream high-quality audio devices from these devices. Instead they are designed specifically for Android and Windows OS.
  • They have native integration to office 365 when you connect them to Windows 10 devices. This allows you to voice to text typing that is, instead of typing, you can simply dictate in words, outlook, and PowerPoint.
  • It has an excellent battery life that can see you up to a day. You can listen to 7 hours of music with just a single charge. A single charge can also last for about 4 and a half hours on Microsoft teams and up to 6 hours on surface Duo.
  • The touch surface enables you to have total control of the music by intuitive gestures such as tap, touch, and swipe. You can use these gestures to skip a track, adjust the volume, answer or end a call.

Why Is One Airpod Battery Lower Than The Other – Conclusion

In this article, I look at some of the reasons why one of your Airpods may be lower than the other. When most people complain of this, the cause is usually due to three factors.

One, excessive use of the Airpods over time resulting in the damage of the battery in the long run. Two, it can be due to some settings such as the use of a microphone and Siri configured on only one of the Airpod and lastly, it can be due to hardware defects.

I hope you found this information useful. Kindly let me your taught and questions on the topic discussed by interacting with me via the comment section

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