Why Are Skullcandy Headphones Bad?

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How do you feel when you buy a product and it turns out bad? You will certainly feel bad. A quality entertainment product, especially AirPods, earbuds, and headphones is the latest product many people desire to have. However, many users of these entertainment products always consider the Skullcandy headphones as a bad product. 

How bad are the Skullcandy headphones? Well, when you compare its features, quality, and lifespan will other headphones from another maker, it is likely you conclude that the Skullcandy headphone is a bad product. Read on for the reasons why the Skullcandy headphone is a bad product. 

Why are Skullcandy headphones bad? 

There are many headphones products in the market but many users consider the Skullcandy headphone as a bad product.

Though it might serve the purpose of a headphone, it lacks many things that make users relatively consider it a bad product. Highlighted below are some of the reasons why the Skullcandy headphone is a bad product. 

It focuses on design

In recent times, many buyers of wireless headphones consider quality sound rather than fancy design. The Skullcandy headphone has a beautiful design but the sound quality cannot be compared with that of headphones from other manufacturers. 

It breaks down easily

You will likely desire to buy a headphone that will still be in perfect shape for a longer duration. The Skullcandy headphone breaks down easily, especially the right ear cup. You will first notice a break in its sound before it deteriorates completely and will no longer produce sound. 

Dangerous bass

Though the sound quality of the Skullcandy is considered by many as bad, the bass is also dangerous for the ear. It will occasionally give a loud bass sound. Continuous usage of headphones is a risk to the user. 

Frequent connection problem

Just like headphones from other manufacturers, it is likely you encounter problems occasionally while connecting it. Nevertheless, it then becomes worrisome when this problem is frequent and you can’t troubleshoot easily. The Skullcandy headphone has a history of difficulty in pairing, especially with a new Bluetooth device. 


When the headphone accidentally falls on the ground, it will likely have a minor problem, depending on the gravity of the fall. Irrespective of the height the Skullcandy headphone is falling from, the risk of permanent damage is high when it falls, making it less durable compared to headphones from other manufacturers. 

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How can I fix the Skullcandy headphone when it gets damaged? 

When you use Skullcandy headphones, it is likely they will get damaged easily. Nevertheless, depending on the nature of the damage, you can fix it and still enjoy the headphone. Here is a list of some of the things you can do when your Skullcandy headphone is damaged.

  1. Hire a professional: If it is something minor that you can fix within your neighbourhood, you can hire a professional technician who will fix it for you. This might, however, cost you a few bucks. 
  2. Ship to the manufacturer: In a situation where the damage is not what you can fix easily within your neighbourhood, you can ship the headphone to the manufacturer. Doing this will likely cost you a few bucks also. 
  3. Warranty claim: The Skullcandy headphone comes with two years warranty. If you still have a valid warranty when the headphone got damaged, they could be replaced or the manufacturer gives you another headphone, depending on the nature of the damage. 
  4. Buy a new one: In a situation where you don’t have a valid warranty or the damage cannot be fixed easily, you can get a new headphone. Nevertheless, you should handle the new headphone with utmost care. 

Effects of a bad headphone

Though you should be comfortable when you use a headphone, this might not be the same when you are using bad headphones. Highlighted below are some of the things you will likely experience when you use bad headphones. 

Poor sound quality

A quality headphone that is in good condition will give you an immersive sound experience when you listen to music on it. However, when you listen to music with bad headphones, the experience will not be the same. 

Risk to the ear

Using a headphone that is in good condition should not be a risk to your ear, especially the eardrum. However, continuous usage of bad headphones could lead to hearing problems. 

Fire hazard

You must charge the headphone when the battery is depleted. This is something you can do without any fear. However, charging a bad headphone, especially when it is physically damaged is the potential for a fire spike. 

Extra expenses

When you use bad headphones, you will likely spend money often to fix them when they get damaged. 


When you listen to music with good headphones, it makes you feel comfortable and you can listen to music for a longer duration. With bad headphones, you will feel uncomfortable easily as the sound might be unpleasing to your hearing. 

Limited functions

There are many functions you can perform on the headphone. You can increase the volume, move to the next music, answer a call, and many more. A bad headphone might likely not perform some of these functions. 

Difficult to connect

Within a few seconds, you should be able to connect the headphone to the playing device. When the headphone is bad, connecting them to a playing device might be difficult. 

What can damage the Skullcandy headphone? 

Apart from its lack of durability, many things can easily damage the Skullcandy headphone also. Here is a list of some of the things that can easily damage the Skullcandy headphone. 

  1. Dirt: When you use the Skullcandy headphone for an extended period, you will likely sweat, which will make sweat and dirt settle around the earcups. If you do not clean after use, you are potentially damaging the headphone. 
  2. Fall: In a situation where the Skullcandy headphone falls on the floor, it will likely break. 
  3. Liquid substances: Water and other liquid substances can also damage the Skullcandy headphone when it comes in contact with it. 
  4. Incompatible charging: There is a recommended way of charging the Skullcandy headphone. When you charge it the wrong way, it might likely get damaged. 
  5. An extended period of usage: When you use the Skullcandy headphone for an extended period often, they will likely get damaged. 

Maintenance tips of the Skullcandy headphone

Though the Skullcandy headphone is considered by many as a bad product because it could easily get damaged. Nevertheless, with regular care and maintenance for the headphone, you are potentially increasing its lifespan. Here is a list of some of the things you can do to increase the lifespan of Skullcandy headphones. 

Clean regularly

Before you keep the Skullcandy headphone after use, you should clean sweat and dust off them. You can use a dry towel to clean the headphone, paying attention to the earcups. 

Keep properly

When the Skullcandy headphone is not in use, do not keep them in a damp location or where liquid substances could easily spill on them.

In addition, do not keep it on the chair where someone could sit on it or close to where children could easily play with it. 

Use sparingly

Well, you might be enjoying the Skullcandy headphone and you don’t feel like stopping. Nevertheless, you should consider allowing the headphone to rest. Hence, limit its usage. 

Professional repair

In a situation where the headphone gets damaged, you should not fix it yourself. You should hire a professional technician who will fix it for you. 

Do not use in bed

You might love listening to music before you go to bed. However, do not keep the Skullcandy headphone on your head when you want to sleep. Remove and put it in a safe location. 

Recommended mode of charging

When you want to charge the Skullcandy headphone, you should connect the charger directly into a wall outlet. 

How can I clean the Skullcandy headphone properly? 

Cleaning the Skullcandy headphone is an easy process because it comes with silicone buds. You can complete the cleaning process within a few minutes.

The first thing you should do is to remove the silicone buds from the headphone by carefully pulling them off, you can then use a damp clean cloth to clean the speaker and the rest of the headphones.

However, be careful while cleaning the speakers so that droplets will not enter into the hole. Once you are through with the cleaning process, you should gently replace the silicone buds. Be careful while doing this to avoid stretching the silicone buds when you are removing or replacing them. 

Why Are Skullcandy Headphones Bad – Conclusion

Though many people consider the Skullcandy headphone as bad because of their nature. With proper maintenance, you can potentially increase the lifespan of the Skullcandy headphone. Read this guide for more information on how to care for a Skullcandy headphone. 

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