Why Are My AirPods So Quiet? Find Out

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Sometimes, you may notice that the volume of your AirPod is very low or even quiet. This may be pretty tacky for some people to solve because the Airpod itself does not come with inbuilt volume control. This scenario leaves the users most times confused.

In this article, I will explain why this happens and guide you through some simple steps on how to get the issue resolved.

So, Why Are My AirPods So Quiet? There are many reasons why this may be happening. The reasons could be as simple as the fact that the volume on the iPhone or the paired device is low; it could be due to earwax from your ear blocking the speaker, it can be due to some mismatch in the calibration.

No matter what the cause is, the good news is that you can solve these problems. In the section below, I will provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can troubleshoot these issues and get them sorted out. The fix below applies to Airpods, AirPod2, and Airpod Pro.

What do I do when my Airpods are so quiet?

If your AirPods become so quiet, the following steps will guide you through the process of increasing the volume and making your Airpods louder.

Step1: Increase the Volume on your Device

The first thing to do is to increase the volume on your iPhone since there is no way to increase the volume of the AirPods.

Increasing the volume of your iPhone is as easy as pressing the volume up button on your iPhone; this should increase the volume and make the AirPod louder.

Step 2: Turn off the Low Power Mode

The low power mode is designed to conserve battery, and this is done by limiting other functions of the device in question.

If your AirPods are quiet, you may need to check if this is on and then turn it off. To turn off the Low power mode, following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Settings
  2. Scroll down and find “battery.”
  3. Slide the green slider to turn off the low power mode.

This should solve the problem if the low power mode is the culprit; continue to the next step if the issue persists.

Step 3: Ensure that AirPods is fully Charged

Low power on the Airpod may also be the reason why the Airpods are quiet. If the Airpods are not fully charged, many things could go wrong, including the volume.

To avoid these complications, make sure that the device is well charged in your charging case for about one to two hours, just enough to prevent the device from going off while in use. Keeping the Airpods well charged regularly can help avoid problems with volume.

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Step 4: Turn off the equalizer setting

If all the steps above fail, turning off the equalizer may be the answer. Most equalizer settings focus on automatically adjusting the levels of sounds being played and can sometimes reduce the audio of your Airpods and make them play at a very low volume.

When this happens, the best way to solve this is to turn off the equalizer setting, which will solve the problem.

Step 5: Switch off the Volume limit

Just as it sounds, the volume limit places a cap on the volume level of your AirPod or any other audio device connected to the AirPods.

This feature is turned on and drastically reduces the maximum output of your Airport and reduces the volume below what you want. If you notice that this is the  problem, you can turn this off by:

  1. Navigating to the settings of the iPhone or other linked sound source.
  2. Press sound and Haptics (This is known as sounds on other iPhone models)
  3. Slide the green slider found on the ‘Reduce loud Sound option.’

This will turn off the volume limit imposed upon your device, which should solve your problem and increase the volume. If this doesn’t solve the problem, continue to step 6.

Step 6: Calibrate the AirPods with your iPhone

Sometimes there may be a lack of synchronization between the Airpods and the iPhone, making it difficult for both devices to differentiate between their respective “Full Volume ” Status.

To fix this issue, you have to calibrate both devices, and this can be done by doing the following:

  1. Play a song on your AirPods.
  2. Reduce the volume of your iPhone until you can’t hear anything on your Airpods.
  3. Swipe down from the top right to access the control centre.
  4. From the control centre, turn on the Bluetooth.
  5. Bring the Airpods off the charging case and start a song using your iPhone speaker.
  6. Reduce the volume of your iPhone until everything is quiet.
  7. Connect the Airpod to your iPhone by navigating to the control centre and turning on the Bluetooth. You may need to go to the Bluetooth setting and pair the Bluetooth to the Airpod before you can connect them.

Once this is done, you have successfully calibrated the Airpod and the iPhone, making the Airpod louder if this is the problem. If the problem persists, see the next fix.

Step 7: Make sure the Volume on both Earbuds is the same

Sometimes, you may set the earbud to play at different volumes without knowing. This can be corrected from the iPhone accessibility setting. To reverse this setting, do the following:

  1. Go to the iPhone settings
  2. Open the Accessibility menu
  3. Scroll down until you come across ‘Hearing’ and Choose Audio/Visual
  4. Make the slide balanced between the right (R) and left (L); that is, ensure that the slider is in the middle.

Step 8: Verify the Device Music Settings

Many users who have experienced this issue of low volume were able to solve it using this trick, as seen on many Apple support communities and online forums.

The logic behind this is that the music setting on your Apple device is likely affecting the Volume of the audio, and this can be the cause of the low or no sound on the AirPods.

One of the ways to be sure that is the cause of your problem is if you’re finding the volume to be too low when playing music outside of the Apple Music App.

The Apple device app has a lot of powerful settings. You need to check the Volume limit; this feature, when set to minimal or low, will automatically force your volume to become low no matter how high you increase the volume from the “Volume up” button.

To alter this setting, you have to go to the Device setting, tap the music option, and set the Volume limit to Maximum.

Another setting that can cause low volume is the soundcheck. This option will level the volume of all your audio when played.

The implication of this is that if a particular song you like was recorded with a lower bitrate compared to others in the playlist, there is a big probability that all your songs will be adjusted to the volume of the one with the lower song.

Luckily, this can also be disabled by navigating to settings, tapping the music option, and then switching off the “Sound Check” Option.

When this is done, try playing a song again, you should get higher and better sound quality on your AirPods.

Step 9: Disconnect and Reconnect Airpods to your Device

If you have tried all the seven steps above and the low volume still persists, then you should disconnect the Airpod from the iPhone and repair them again.

It happens that sometimes, the settings might be messed up and the only way to sort things out is by repairing the device. This is quite simple, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Bluetooth Settings
  • Press the circled ‘i’ symbol next to the AirPod device.
  • Select ‘Forget this device’

Now that the Airpod has been disconnected from your iPhone, the next thing is to re-pair both of them together. This should solve your problem, but if it doesn’t, continue to the 9th and final step in this troubleshooting guide.

Step 10: Clean the AirPods

If all the other fixes didn’t resolve the issue, it might be a hardware problem. You need to carefully clean the Airpods thoroughly as it may be that the speakers of the Airpods are blocked with something (maybe wax from your ears during long listening hours).

Clean the Airpods with a cloth, this should make the Airpod louder after you have successfully removed the earwax.

Also, you may not just want to clean the AirPods themselves but also the charging case. Cleaning the Case is necessary because, at times, the AirPods get dirty not because of ear wax but due to the debris trapped inside the charging case.

Therefore, make sure you use the cotton buds and the microfiber cloth to clean the charging case too. Do not dampen or use the liquid to clean the charging case as this could cause problems with the charging port of the charging case which is allergic to liquid.

The following checklist should guide you when cleaning the Airpods:

  • Do not clean the AirPods underwater.
  • Use a soft and dry clean cloth to dry the Airpod.
  • Avoid contact with any other liquid
  • Remove any dirt or debris from the meshes of the charging case using a clean, soft, and dry brush.
  • Do not use sharp objects or abrasive material to clean the AirPods or the charging case.

Once you have cleaned the Airpod and the charging case; is no physical obstruction that can prevent your Airpods from bringing out good and quality sounds. This should solve the problem.

Is there any other alternative to Apple AirPods?

Yes, there are many other devices that are equally as good as Apple Airpods. If you are looking for something that is as good as Airpod but not Airpod, you can check out Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro below:

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

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This is a great choice for Samsung Galaxy and other users. The sound quality is top-notch and it is designed with excellent noise-cancelling technology.

Samsung Galaxy Bud Pro was the first to support the Samsung 360 audio. With this audio device, you also enjoy the following Samsung benefits such as adaptive streaming using the Samsung scalable codec and direct access to Bixby.

Other features of the Products Includes:

  • The device is well designed for more comfortable, secure, and long-term use.
  • They have an IPX7 rating. This means it can be submerged in water for over 30 minutes.
  • For Samsung Galaxy 10 and newer devices, you can charge the Airpods wirelessly from wherever you are.
  • With its intelligent music control, you can control your playlist without touching your phone. You can answer calls, launch music, and skip songs by simply touching the earbuds.
  • With its excellent noise cancellation feature, it has the capability of filtering every other voice except your and amplifying it to give you and your listener a face-to-face experience.
  • The earbud has a long-lasting battery life which is further improved by the wireless charging capability. This allows the earbud to share the battery life of the compatible Samsung device by simply placing the earbuds at the back of the Samsung device.

Why Are My AirPods So Quiet – Conclusion

In this post, I explained some of the common reasons why your Airpods are so quiet. The causes of this problem are quite many ranging from simply not turning on the volume of your sound source to as complex as a hardware issue.

No matter what the causes are, the good news is that you can fix this problem by yourself ninety per cent of your time if you follow the troubleshooting guide enumerated in this article.

I will be grateful to hear from you on the topic. If you found this topic interesting or you wish to add to the discussion, do not hesitate to drop your comment and I will surely respond to your message.

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