Is It Ok To Leave Galaxy Watch Charging Overnight?

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Smartwatches have continued to gain acceptance to a large segment of tech enthusiasts. This is greatly due to the ability to use these watches to monitor their fitness routine. The Smartwatch is designed and equipped to take readings of heartbeat, pulse, and other details. They can also be connected to a smartphone.

In this article, I will be looking at if it is a good practice to charge the galaxy watch overnight. I decided to address this topic because a lot of people have the habit of charging their smartphones and other devices overnight. Is this a good or bad practice? Does this have an impact on the device, find out the answers to these questions in the subsequent sections of this article.

So Is it Ok to leave the galaxy watch charging overnight? No, it is not a good practice to leave any of your lithium battery-powered devices to charge overnight. Experts believe that the best way to charge these devices is to charge them up to 90% and remove them from the charger.

This is because anytime a battery charging gets to 100% and remains there; it affects the battery as the battery becomes vulnerable to electrolyte instabilities.

In the long run, the implication of this is that the battery ages faster and will therefore last shorter after each charge. Therefore, the best practice is to charge the watch in the morning for a short period. If you follow this routine, the battery of the galaxy watch will last longer.

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Routine to follow to make your galaxy battery last longer

Step 1

Plug in the small end of the charger into the charger port of the wireless charger and then plug the other end of the charger into an electric socket or extension.

Step 2

Place the galaxy watch on the wireless charger. Make sure it is aligned to the centre of the watch backside so that it aligns with the centre of the wireless charger. If the Galaxy watch does not come in contact with the wireless charger, the galaxy watch will not charge very well.

Immediately you connect the Galaxy watch to the wireless charging dock, the wireless charger will show light from the LED indicators.

The red light indicates that the watch is charging; the green light indicates fully charged while the orange light is an indicator of low battery, reminding you to connect the watch to the charger. If the error persists, you have to contact a Samsung Service Centre for support and advanced troubleshooting.

A flashing red light indicates that there is an error with the connection with the wireless charger. When this happens, you have to disconnect the wireless charger and the Watch and wait for some seconds for the LED indicator to stop flashing, and then reconnect the two.

Common Tips and Precaution on Charging the Galaxy Watch

  • The Galaxy watch cannot be charged directly by a cable. You have to connect the cable to a smart charger to be able to charge the watch.
  • The wireless charger should not be exposed to water. The wireless charger does not have the same water and dust resistance capacity as your watch.
  • The Galaxy watch should only be charged using Samsung-approved chargers, batteries, and cables. Using unapproved charges can lead to permanent damage to the Galaxy watch.
  • Only charge the device using the charger that came with the device. The Galaxy watch cannot be charged using a third-party charger.
  • Improper connection of the charger to the device can cause serious damage to the device. Such damage is not covered in the warranty.
  • Make sure that the Galaxy Watch is very dry before connecting it to the wireless charger.
  • An empty battery icon is an indication that the battery power is low.
  • When the battery is completely discharged, the Galaxy watch cannot be turned immediately when you connect the charger. If the battery is depleted, allow it to charge for about 15 minutes before turning it on.
  • Using multiple apps simultaneously will drain the watch battery faster. You should only use multiple apps when the battery is fully charged.
  • Charge the Galaxy watch by plugging the wireless charger into an extension or wall socket. Charging the device with sources such as a computer can result in slower charging of the watch due to a lower electric current.
  • Charging the Galaxy watch with other devices using multi-charging chargers can also lead to slower charging of the watch.
  • You can use the Galaxy Watch during charging. However, this will make the watch take a longer time to charge.
  • When you connect the Galaxy watch to the wireless charger and the power supply is unstable, the touchscreen of the watch will stop working. To correct this, disconnect the charger from the watch.
  • The Galaxy watch can heat up when charging. This is normal and does not affect the lifespan and performance of the watch. The de device automatically stops charging when the device heats up more than usual.
  • Visit a Samsung Service centre if your Galaxy watch is not properly working.
  • Make sure you do not use bent or damaged USB cable

How to fix common problems with Smartwatches

As someone who has spent a few years troubleshooting problems with smartwatches, I have come to understand the common issues that are likely to affect these devices. In this section, I will review these common issues detailing how to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

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Smartwatch Battery issue

One thing that is common across lithium battery-powered devices is that the battery doesn’t last much. This problem is also there in cell phones and that is why you see people having spare chargers at home, offices, cars, and other public places.

If you use your cell phone for watching movies, playing music, making calls, and others, the chances are that the device battery will not last for a whole day, and in fact, the battery lifespan will deteriorate over time.

Smartwatches also have an impact on the battery life of your cell phone if they are synced together. This is because the memory of the smartwatch is limited and so it relies on the phone to process apps and other features. This means that the more app you use on the smartwatch, the more impact it has on your battery life.

What do you have to do?

  • Go to the setting of the watch and remove any app that you are not using. The fewer the applications that you are running on the smartwatch, the lower it drains your battery of the phone.
  • Reduce the brightness of the smartwatch screen.
  • Turn off any feature that is not needed.
  • Get a power bank. A power bank will help you charge your phone on the go and as such reduce the impact of the smartwatch on your phone.

Smartwatch Voice Control Issues

One of every 3 Galaxy smartwatch users experiences an issue with the hit and miss voice control. This is becoming a big concern for a lot of users.

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This makes it very frustrating when trying to control the watch using voice. Symptoms of this error include words not being recognized by the voice control device and this causing a lot of frustrations when trying to tap into the smartphone features.

The main essence of buying a smartwatch is to make life easier for you and one of the fundamental ways the smartwatch achieves this is through voice control. Therefore, if your voice control is not working fine, it takes a lot out of the value of the smartwatch.

What do you do?

Until Samsung addresses this issue from the design and production point of view, there is little you can do to solve this problem.

The only thing you can do for now is mainly trial and error, such as using the right tone and words and staying in an environment with much noise.

Too Many Apps to Manage on One Device

This is peculiar to the Pebble smartwatch. I have seen a lot of users complain of using too many apps to manage one watch. This problem is partly because the Pebble smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android and this makes it a little bit complex.

The iOS or Android app is the home base for features such as texting and receiving notifications from your phone. You will also need another app called Httpebble which is used to check the weather, access the internet, and other features.

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Again, there are Pebble faces that act as a catalogue for third-party watch faces, games, and other apps. This implies that for you to manage the pebble smartwatch, you need two apps and one website.

What do you do?

Well, there is nothing much you can do about it. If you love the pebble watch, you have to get used to using multiple apps to manage the device. If that is not something you can deal with, I suggest you get other smartwatches that have simpler ways of managing apps.

Sticky Digital Crown

This is unique to Apple Watch, they develop a sticky crown that stops registering every click smoothly.

What do you do?

  1. Apple suggests you do the following to fix the issue.
  2. Turn the watch off and remove it from your wrist.
  3. Run the whirligig under warm water for about a quarter of a minute.

Bluetooth Not working

If the Bluetooth is not working, you will notice a red phone icon with a slash through it.

What do you do?

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth
  2. Turn it on again.
  3. This is all it takes to resync the phone and watch back again.

Smartwatch not Sending or Receiving Digital Touch

This problem is peculiar with the Apple watch. One of the unique characteristics of the Apple Watch is the ability to send your heartbeats to your loved ones. However, a good number of apple users find this very difficult to set up.

What do you do

If your apple watch cannot send or receive digital touch messages, there are two things you can do to resolve it. The first thing you have to do is to update the message setting on your iPhone. This should fix the issue immediately.

If it doesn’t, if it is just one or two contacts you cannot send the digital touch to, you should remove those contact and re-add from the Apple watch

Lost Exercise Data

If you get a new iPhone that you want to pair with your watch, you must do something to prevent your data from wiping out. If you don’t do this, all your hard-earned achievement stickers will be erased even if you did a proper backup of the iPhone.

What do you do?

To save your activity data, you have to unpair the watch from your old iPhone. Backup and reset the old iPhone and then pair the apple watch with your new iPhone.

Installed App not found

If after downloading an app, you discover it is missing or partially installed, you shouldn’t worry much. It is possible to download an app and yet it is missing on your watch.

What do you do?

  1. Remove the App
  2. Reinstall int on your smartphone
  3. Reinstall it on your watch

Is It Ok To Leave Galaxy Watch Charging Overnight – Conclusion

In this article, I explained why it is not right to charge your galaxy smartwatch overnight. The practice of charging electronic devices overnight is something that is very common these days among users.

However, experiences and research from industries have shown that this is not a good practice. Constant charging of the battery of your smartwatch overnight will cause the battery to depreciate faster over time.

The best way to charge any lithium-powered device is to charge the device to 90% of full charge and then unplug them. Kindly let me know your thoughts, questions, and suggestions on the topic by commenting in the comment session, I promise to respond to all of them.

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