How Long Do Bose Headphones Last Before Breaking?

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Getting a new headphone in recent times is relatively costly, depending on the quality of the headphone, its features, and the manufacturers. One of the most popular headphones in the market is the Bose headphones, hence, many people are worried about their durability. Many potential buyers and users always ask that how long do Bose headphones last before breaking. 

Well, when you have a Bose headphone or you want to buy it, you should not panic about its durability. The Bose headphones could last as long as possible, depending on how you care for them and handle them. With proper maintenance, the Bose headphone could last for ten years before breaking. Read on for more information. 

How long do Bose headphones last? 

When it comes to durability, Bose products, headphones inclusive are of high quality. When handled properly with proper maintenance, you are potentially increasing the lifespan of the headphone.

You can use it for a lifetime, ten years, or two years, depending on how you take care of it. Nevertheless, the Bose headphone has a year warranty from the purchase date and it could be increased to five years if you are a passive user of the headphone. 

What are the reasons why a Bose headphone will not last? 

It has been stated earlier in this guide that the Bose headphones could last up to 10 years if you handle them properly.

Therefore, you should be aware of some things that could easily break the headphone. Here is a list of some of the reasons why the Bose headphone might not last long before breaking. 

Heavy usage

You can enjoy the Bose headphone for as long as you want. You are, however, potentially reducing the lifespan of the headphones when you do not allow them to rest. You can allow the headphone to rest when you are going to bed or when you want to do important things. 

Sweat and skin oil

When you use the headphone continuously, you will likely sweat. Though this might not have an immediate effect on the headphone, it might ruin the ear cups with time. 

Children or pets

If you have little children or pets at home, you should be mindful of where you will keep the headphone. Children can play with anything and they can damage the headphone unconsciously. Pets can also damage headphones when they play with them. 

Lack of maintenance

The Bose headphone needs regular care to be in good shape. When you do not care for the Bose headphone, you are potentially reducing their lifespan. 

Keeping in an unsafe location

Keeping the Bose headphone in an unsafe location, such as keeping them on the chair, on the bed, in a damp location, behind the door, and where it could be easily matched upon, will potentially break the headphone. 


When you do not handle the Bose headphone appropriately, they could easily break. Mishandling could make the headphones fall on the ground easily, which might break them. 

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What can I do when my Bose headphone breaks? 

When handled properly, it is unlikely that the Bose headphone will break. Nevertheless, in a situation where the headphone breaks, there are some things you can do that will still make you enjoy the headphone, depending on the level of the damage. Here is a list of some of the things you can do when your headphone breaks. 

  1. Replace affected parts: In a situation where the headphone breaks and it does not affect the whole headphone, you can change the affected parts. For instance, you can change the foam of the ear cups and many other things. You can contact the Bose agent in your neighbourhood for proper guidance on how to do this. 
  2. Give to an agent: When the Bose headphone breaks and you don’t know what to do, you can give it to an accredited agent, who will access the level of the damages and counsel you on what you can do. 
  3. Warranty claim: In a situation where you buy the Bose headphones new, it comes with a year warranty. If anything should happen to the headphone within the first year of purchase, you can claim the warranty where it could either be replaced or fixed for you. 
  4. Buy a new headphone: If you can’t claim the warranty and the nature of the break is not what you can fix, you can decide to buy a new headphone. Nevertheless, you should handle the new headphone with proper care.  

What can I do to prevent my headphone from breaking? 

The Bose headphone is a quality product that could last for many years, depending on how you handle it. With proper maintenance and care, you can increase the lifespan of the headphone. Here is a list of what you can do to prevent the Bose headphone from breaking.   

Clean regularly

When you have the Bose headphone, you should clean, care and take proper maintenance for them. Doing this will prevent the headphone from breaking and potentially increase the lifespan of the Bose headphone. 

Keep in a safe location

When you want to keep the Bose headphone, you should put them in a safe location. Do not keep it in a place where little children or pets could have easy access to it.

Also, do not keep it on the chair, across the room where it could be matched upon, or on the bed when you want to sleep. After use, you can clean and keep it in a drawer or any other safe location. 

Avoid excessive usage

Using the Bose headphone for an extended period can easily break it. You should allow the headphone to rest at times. This will potentially prevent the headphone from breaking. 

Handle with care

You should not throw the Bose headphone anyhow or handle it in a manner that could make them easily break. You should always care for it. 

Give to a professional

In a situation where the headphone is not functioning optimally, you should not attempt to fix it yourself, especially when it has a technical fault. You should give it to a professional who will guide you on what you should do. 

Periodic servicing

The Bose headphone needs periodic servicing and software updates to keep functioning optimally. You should have a schedule of when you will service the headphone.  

Troubleshooting the Bose headphone

It is rare before you encounter any difficulty with the Bose headphone. Nevertheless, in a situation where you have a problem with it, you can troubleshoot with the fellow methods. 

Sound problem

In a situation where you hear a rumbling sound while you are using the Bose headphone, the ear cups might not fit correctly with your ear.

All you need to do is to fit the headphone correctly. If the noise persists, you can check if there is dust or debris inside the ear cups. If there are any inside the ear cups, you should clean them immediately.

Also, if the bass of the headphone is too much, you can adjust it from the music player or change the music. You can also experience difficulty with sound when there is any close gadget that could cause interference. You can turn off any nearby gadget. 

Inability to connect

Connecting the Bose headphone is very easy. You should be able to connect it within a few seconds.  However, whenever you have any difficulty in connecting the headphone, you should check if you have turned on the Bluetooth of the headphone and the device.

If the Bluetooth is on, you can reduce the distance between the two devices and clear any form of physical obstruction between them. In addition, you can also reset the headphone and reboot the Bluetooth device if the problem persists.  

Difficulty in charging

In a situation where it is difficult to charge the Bose headphone, you should first check if the USB cable is rightly connected on both ends.

You can check the power outlet where the charger is plugged into to know if it is working and you can as well change the power outlet if necessary. It is, however, recommended that you plug the charger directly into a power outlet. 

Service the headphone

In a situation where you experience any further difficulty and you cannot troubleshoot with the steps highlighted above, you should check Bose website for a software update.

If there is any, you should update the firmware and software of the headphone. You should also remember to service the headphone periodically. 

Seek assistance

In a situation where you are unable to troubleshoot any difficulty with the Bose headphone, you should not hesitate to seek assistance. You can contact Bose accredited agent for counsel on what to do. 

How Long Do Bose Headphones Last Before Breaking – Conclusion

Bose headphone is designed to last for a lifetime. This, however, depends on how you handle it. With proper care and maintenance, you will enjoy the Bose headphone as long as possible.

In a situation where it breaks within the first year of purchase, you have a warranty that could either get it replaced or fixed. 

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