Does A Vizio Soundbar Have A Fuse? Find Out

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When your Vizio soundbar has a fault, you tend to try if it’s something you can fix by yourself. You begin to check or examine it and different questions keep popping up in your head like “Does a Vizio soundbar have a fuse?” and other questions. You would want to know if it’s the fuse in it that has a fault, and it’s not making your soundbar work perfectly. The big news is, I have an answer for you.

Of course, a Vizio soundbar has a fuse. The fuse is a safety device that operates in your Vizio soundbar to give overcurrent protection to your soundbar.

After a lot of research, I discovered that most issues with the soundbar are because of the fuse getting burnt, which wouldn’t make the soundbar work perfectly or it wouldn’t even make the soundbar work at all.

When this happens, try changing the fuse. When it doesn’t work, try giving it to a professional to check if there’s something else wrong with the soundbar.

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How to troubleshoot common soundbar problems

No doubt, we all love watching TV, especially now that the covid-19 has changed a lot of things. Most people now have to work from home or even have a day on and a day off from work. Even till now, TV has been getting an important workout.

The recent TVs have a skinny profile, which unfortunately trades the Slim look for speakers which give a poor sound quality.

Lucky for us all, there’s an easy and moderately inexpensive solution to that, which is the use of a soundbar that qualifies for rich sound. You’d notice that a soundbar not only improves the loud sound from your TV but provides a solid quality as well.

Moreover, if you’re seeing a TV show like the originals, you’d need some quality sound! Yes or yes? Well, you know there’s a downside, right? Just like every man-made thing, soundbars could have various problems.

Your soundbar might not work as expected once in a while thereby employing you to employ some troubleshooting solution. As I said earlier, your soundbar could have various problems, and I would list out the problems and also give you solutions to them.

Problem 1: Soundbar refuses to turn on

Most people encounter power problems with their soundbars. If you try to turn on your soundbar but it refuses, then there’s probably an issue with the power connection. Perhaps it’s not getting power, or probably its interior power system has weakened.

First, check the power socket to be sure that it’s turned on. I’m sure you’d find that surprising, but trust me, it occurs to everyone. If that’s the case, deem yourself lucky that your soundbar has been easily fixed.

Proceed by turning on your soundbar, making use of the onboard power button or the remote. If it refuses to turn on, try it on a different power socket.

If this also ceases to function, check if the wire has any indications of damage and if it’s well plugged into the socket. If the wire is connected through another appliance like an extension box, unplug it and connect it directly to the main socket.

If it refuses to power on, try out another wire. If you try all these and it fails, it might be beyond DIY fixing.

Problem 2: The soundbar switches to sleep mode by itself

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you were so engrossed in a TV show like the shadow hunters or a fierce dramatic movie and when at the most climacteric moment, your soundbar switches to sleep mode by itself, and your sound goes off?

Bet you’d become so frustrated or pained, but fortunately for you, this is an easy one to fix. You might have an activated sleep timer on the soundbar.

Go to the settings and turn the sleep timer off to continue enjoying your sound experience without being interrupted. You might also want to confirm that your soundbar is not set to automatically turn off upon powering off your TV.

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Problem 3: Wire connection issues

If there’s no sound even after you’ve connected your television set to your soundbar with the use of a wire, the most probable cause of the issue is an incorrect wire connection or a malfunctioning wire.

If there’s no sound after turning on the speaker, check the connection. Begins by maiming the interior TV speakers with the use of the TV remote.

Confirm that the speaker option on the TV is fixed to external and confirm again to know if you are now getting sounds from your soundbar.

Most soundbars can be easily connected to TVs and other devices via optical, RCA, and HDMI wires. For example, after connecting your TV set to your soundbar making use of those cables I listed, make sure that the wire is well plugged in.

You could unplug and re-plug in the wire to ensure a proper connection. After trying this and you still don’t get any sound from your soundbar, make use of a new wire and check if it would work.

In case you still cannot get any sound, try another connection technique. For example, if the optical connection is not working, try to make use of the HDMI or RCA wire based on what your TV and soundbar accept.

If your TV and soundbar have many ports for each type of connection, attempt all the ports till you get the one that would work.

Though while doing this, make sure that the beginning input of the soundbar is fixed properly – for example, fix the source to the HDMI when using an HDMI connection or AUX when using an RCA wire.

If you have connected a particular component to your TV, change the source of your TV to the component. In case you have attached the component device to the soundbar, be sure that the input source on your soundbar is fixed to the component.

Also, confirm the volume on both appliances is increased while troubleshooting the wire connections. If you’ve tried all the possible wire connections and you are still unable to gain sound, you would need to reset your soundbar.

Press the reset button on your soundbar for at least 5seconds to rest it. Then check if you can get sound. If all these do not work, reach out to your soundbar manufacturer for more help.

Problem 5: No sound from the subwoofer

Most soundbars have a different subwoofer. In case there’s no sound coming from the subwoofer, confirm if it is turned on. If it is not getting any power, make sure that the power cable is well connected to the alternate and the outlet. Also, make sure the cord is connected to an effective power outlet.

If it still doesn’t turn on, check the wire for any signs of damage or make use of a new wire. In case the subwoofer is on but there’s no sound coming from it – you might likely have not appropriately linked it to the soundbar.

You could try rebooting the 2 units and try to link them again. If they refuse to link, attempt to reset them one after the other by pressing the onboard reset button.

If after trying all these and there’s no sound, kindly contact your soundbar manufacturer or retail store.

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Problem 6: The wireless appliances won’t pair

Of recent, most soundbars come with wireless connectivity alternatives. For example, the best alternative is Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to connect the device wirelessly, wireless connections eradicate the use of wires and improve portability.

Most times, you might have issues with pairing a device to the soundbar via Bluetooth. If your device is not paired, confirm that no other device has been paired, then retry the process. This may occur because most Bluetooth soundbars only pair one device.

You can also try to pair the two devices when they are closer to each other because most devices are restricted in terms of the Bluetooth range.

Another troubleshooting alternative is to try to reboot the two devices and attempt to pair them again. While executing this, confirm that the Bluetooth connection is effective on the soundbar.

You could turn on the Bluetooth on the soundbar with the use of its remote. If you still can’t pair them and you have tried connecting them according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you’d need to reset the soundbar.

After you reset it and the Bluetooth connection issues continue, kindly reach out to the manufacturer.

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Why won’t my subwoofer connect to my soundbar?

If your subwoofer has refused to connect to your soundbar. Unplug the power wire and also unplug the subwoofer. Be sure that the subwoofer is plugged in first, then you can plug in the bar.

Then, press the pairing button on your subwoofer and follow the instructions on the user manual to pair.

Can I connect any wireless subwoofer to a soundbar?

No, you can’t put in a standalone subwoofer to some soundbars. It is normally only valid when both the soundbar and the subwoofer are auctioned together and developed to natively connect.

Can I connect a soundbar to a TV wirelessly? 

Yes, you can wirelessly connect a few soundbars to TVs if they are allowed for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. While these avoid the usage of cords, it is better to make use of an HDMI connection because there’s no problem with lagging or network problems. You can also make use of an optical cord.

What should I do if my TV does not have an HDMI port?

If your TV is an older version that does not have an HDMI port or probably an older ideal description tube TV, you might need to make use of an adapter or a junction switch box most especially if you want to keep on watching OTA programming or cable. Examine the TV for ports.

How do I reset my soundbar?

Clutch and hold the power and volume buttons on your soundbar for over 5 seconds. If model-specific notification is expected to finish the steps, you have to check your user manual.

Why am I unable to hear sounds from my soundbar?

Be sure that the ARC feature of your audio device is on or has been set up to auto. Validate the sound output from your TV after switching on your TV and the audio device. Be sure that the audio device has been fixed to the input of the TV. You can change the TV output settings to PCM and test the sound output.

Does A Vizio Soundbar Have A Fuse – Conclusion

Just like I stated at the beginning of this article, a Vizio soundbar has a fuse and there are troubleshooting issues you’d encounter on your soundbar.

I have listed the problems and also provided solutions to them. If after you have tried all the solutions provided to the problem you are facing on your soundbar and it doesn’t solve it, contact your soundbar manufacturer or the retail store where you got your soundbar from for help.

If your warranty is over, look for an engineer that specializes in fixing speakers, soundbars, and so on and get your soundbar fixed.

Make sure you check every one of your connections and be sure that the fault is not from you. Reset your soundbar if it refuses to pair, and you can do that by pressing the power and volume buttons on your soundbar for at least 5seconds.

If you are unable to hear sounds from your soundbar, check your connections properly and also check your cables for any sign of damage and if there is, make use of a new cable.

I hope I have been able to answer all your questions. Please feel very free to ask more questions and also enlighten us concerning this topic or a different one, or share more ideas in the comment section. We’d be so glad to answer your questions and also learn from you. Keep winning. Cheers!!!

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