Why Is Airpods Pro Mic Bad
Why Is Airpods Pro Mic Bad

Do Skullcandy Headphones Break Easily? Find Out

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Before you get a headphone, you tend to consider the quality before purchasing it, especially when you already know the type you want which is skull candy then, you ask a question “do skull candy headphones break easily?”. Well, I have an answer for you.

Yes, skullcandy headphones break easily, especially when mishandled. This is because they do not possess a powerful build quality, so they tend to break so easily.

Following the recent reports, there have been a lot of complaints about the skull candy headphones breaking so easily. Most people appreciated the cheap price, cute and satisfying design but later chastised it because it breaks so easily that they get a newer one and it still breaks that they start wondering if it’s just theirs that keeps breaking only for them to later realise that the skull candy headphone has low quality.

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Why do my headphones break easily?

Few quality headphones could work longer for up to 2 or 3 years.  However, if your new pair of headphones stop functioning after a few months of usage, this could be due to 1 or a variety of the characteristics that will be listed below:

  • You bought a headphone of low quality – In the market, you can find inexpensive quality headphones, dirt/ inexpensive headphones were not designed to withstand heavy usage.
  • You probably collected faulty headphones – you might have bought a bad pair of headphones in the first place if your headphones break after a few months of using them. Scan the headphone’s details for warranty and check out how you could get payback or an alternate.
  • You might have been mismanaging your headphones – how you make use of and maintain your headphones matters a lot. Mismanaging your headphones can quickly wear out the interior factors of the headphone.

How is a Skullcandy headphone good to buy?

Some people always feel that cheap products are not always as useful as the priced ones, well, the skull candy headphones have certainly set that feeling to rest. This is because they are a good pair of headphones.

Though they are not completely excellent and perfect, not even other types of headphones have obtained such milestones.

The Skullcandy headphones have amazing design, extraordinary bass existence, sufficient battery life span, they are reliable and finally, you do not have to go penniless to buy a set of new skull candy headphones. Below are the justifications why the skull candy headphone is worth the bargain.

Reason 1: Tremendous quality of sound

Considering all the headphones that have been used by purchasers, a lot commended the skull candy headphone’s sound quality.

For example, the Hesh 3 wireless headphone has ultra-wide speakers that transmit a bass bang that you’d smile at. Outdated models have a type of rashness too realistic in sounds, but the new models have this issue disposed of in the scrap.

If you are a lover of bass and you need that bang in your sounds, you’d like this product. The thrills, lows and mids in the sound come off naturally, though there might be a little quality leak when you turn down the volume.

However, the simplicity of the sound is a thumbs up. Other headphone models of the skull candy provide and enhance the sound performance giving it a good thumping existence and sound quality.

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Reason 2: Multi connectivity

All of the new headphones made from skull candy typically features a wireless activity alongside a wired connectivity detail.

They usually come along with highly similar Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth 4.1 editions, with various connection profiles. The skull candy headphone with that Bluetooth edition can connect over thirty-three feet or ten-meter distance, and eight feet through a substantial obstacle.

The sound does not break down or seep over the Bluetooth capacity and it is extensively modified for accepting phone calls. If for any reason you can’t make use of the blue tooth, you can make use of the audio wire provided with each one of the headphones.

Few people feel the sound is considerably better with the wired method but it’s not true with the skull candy. With the two connectivity, you’d get the same sound quality you always want and you would also like the zingy bass on the two counts.

Reason 3: Solid design

The skull candy takes off all out of design, the headphones are built with solid high-quality equipment that provides you with the comfy feel you desire.

The Hesh 3.0 wireless headphone was nicely designed with macho jet black colour, satisfying sit, foldable build and relatively solid frame it’s made with high-level dividend plastic and the head hold band and the ear cups are constantly eased with noise-cancelling memory foam.

All these features provide the headphones with tremendous passive noise cancelling. This is practically as decent as the active aspect, where you will need digital circuitry to cut off noise.

However, the skull candy headphone’s design provides them with tremendous isolation, most especially the crusher. The development is relatively competent to noise isolation.

Reason 4: Skull candy in-ear choices

The in-ear headphones are relatively cute too.  The cutest in-ear set of headphones you could get is the S2PGGY-397 Dome women in-ear model. The buds fit in exactly right and they were built to the description of the female in-ear though I’m not sure of how it varies for men that’s how the headphones are described.

The name of the headphone is not just about nice designs, it was made to fit a female’s ear area. They are designed with a collection of feminine colours and they have a control pad on the right wire.

Reason 5: Awesome battery lifespan

The most desirable feature you’d always want in a headphone is an awesome battery lifespan. This means that you don’t have to always suspend your playback to go plug the set into electricity.

The skull candy headphones all retain an awesome battery life span and fast charging features.  Just like mobile phones have different battery mAh for mobile phones, the same goes for the skull candy headphones.

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The skull candy headphones have different models with different battery life span, the crusher model has the longest battery life span living out a full forty hours of playback duration for music and forty-four hours for phone calls.

After charging the skull candy crusher headphone for a full 6 hours, then you can enjoy forty hours of playback. Though Hesh 3.0 does not retain a long lifespan it still has a stunning lifespan of twenty-two hours of playback duration for music and twenty-six hours for phone calls.

After charging the headphone for at least 4hours, then you can enjoy the headphone for those hours. Other models have their very lifespan depending on how long you charge them. The skull candy brand builds a headphone with tremendous battery life because that’s the most vital feature.

Reason 6: Inexpensive prices

Just like I stated earlier, you do not have to go bankrupt to get a set of any skull candy headphone that you want.  Any ridiculously expensive headphone is always known to be the best but this is different for Skullcandy headphones because they rank high and they are cheap, varying from the small priced headphone sets to few new models that are moderately priced.

Along with the new models, the prices go up a wee bit but it’s still within an adequate range.  Skull candy headphones are affordable compared to other brands. No one would want to lose a whole lot of money on a set of headphones but we all want an adequate pair that provides the right basic fronts.


How long will the skull candy headphone last?

The Skullcandy headphone has up to twenty-four hours or more battery life span with ANC and BT switched on. To conserve the battery life span, connect in for a wired ANC occurrence, and this should last up to forty hours.

If you do not want to use your headphones for a long time, they should be fully charged before keeping them and the battery would last up till the day you’d need them again.

But it’s advisable to not keep them for too long because if Tile is being prompted, the battery would run out faster without being used for three to four months of no use.

Will the Skullcandy headphone work if the battery is dead?

No, it won’t. So if your headphone battery is dead, plugin the given AUX cable and then you can make use of the regular audio occurrence.

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Will the skull candy battery last longer with ANC turned off?

Yes, the battery would last longer with the ANC turned off and it would also last longer if you make use of the headphone in cabled mode. It can also last longer at a low volume status.

How long should I charge my skull candy headphone?

The skull candy headphone offers a fast charge technology which means that, if you charge the headphone for ten minutes you would get to use the headphone for five hours.

Depending on the model you are using you should charge the headphone for at least four to six hours to acquire a longer playtime. Though, the rapid charge does not entail the complete time to fully charge the headphone.

Can I charge my skull candy headphone to a PC or laptop?

Of course, you can charge your skull candy headphone to a PC or laptop. Any USB port will work, nevertheless, for best achievement, I’d recommend that you use a 5v/ 1A USB port or higher If you have one.

Does the skull candy headphones work in loud places?

It should work. The intrinsic passive privacy with the ear cup design works wonders for a loud environment and the addition of the custom-tuned ANC system sends it to a whole new stage. Nevertheless, an ANC headphone shouldn’t be an alternative for hearing protection in specific environments.

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Can I use my skull candy headphone for sports or for working out?

Of course, you can use your skull candy headphones for sports or exercise. But I would not advise you to use it because the headphone does not possess any features like water or sweat resistance. So it’s not advisable to use it for sports or exercise.

Does skull candy headphones have a warranty?

Yes, they do. They have a 2year warranty, so  If your skull candy headphone has any problem that you cannot fix, you can contact the company.

Do I need a mic on a cord when making a call with my skull candy headphone?

No, you do not need to get a mic on the cord while making a call with your skull candy headphones. The microphone on the ear cups will work in BT and wired mode.

So you do not need a mic, you are covered irrespective of how you are connected. Moreover for best call achievement, please use the BT mode because a lot of cool signal processes have been added to make the experience better than ever.

Do Skullcandy Headphones Break Easily – Conclusion

The skull candy headphone has a lot of beautiful features that you wouldn’t expect from a cheap headphone. The only default is that it breaks easily, but every other thing is cool about it, the design, battery life span, fast charging and all other features would make you love the skull candy headphone.

It also has tremendous sound qualities, great connection processes that are convenient for you and so on. You can get yourself one and enjoy all that has been listed, though you need to maintain the headphone properly to prevent it from breaking so fast and then you’d enjoy it.

I hope I’ve been able to answer every one of your questions, feel free to ask more questions and also add your ideas in the comment section and we’d be glad to answer your questions and also learn from you. We hope to hear from you soon. Cheers!

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