Do Airpods Work With Microsoft Teams?

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Apple Airpods which was introduced five years ago has gained widespread adoption among tech lovers and the reasons are obvious. The innovative product offers features that give it a clear advantage over other mobile audio devices.

Airpods are wireless, they are light in weight, they sit better in the ear for a long time, the design is classic, elegant, and beautiful and it doesn’t spot there, they come with an audio quality that is hard to beat in the market.

However, just like every technology product, there are still challenges and downsides to the product. One of the challenges of using the product is the ease of integration with non-apple products or solutions.

In this article, we will be looking at one of these challenges which are, using Airpods with teams. Can you use your Airpods with Microsoft teams? Find out the answer to this question as you go through this article.

So, Do Airpods Work With Microsoft Teams? If you have tried using your Airpods during Microsoft Teams meetings, you would have noticed that the sound cuts off immediately when you begin the Teams meeting.

The reason is that currently, Airpods and Airpod Pro are not on the list of Teams fully supported devices. What this means is that you cannot use AirPods for your Teams.

There have been a lot of complaints about that and we hope Microsoft will work on that and include Airpods and Airpods Pro in their list of Teams Supported Devices in the future.

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Why you should own an AirPods

Ease of Connection

One of the key advantages of Airpods over other Bluetooth-powered devices is the ease of pairing with an iPhone. If you have used other Bluetooth audio devices, you will appreciate the ease that comes with pairing Airpods with an iPhone.

Apple has done a good job here by using its own W1 chip. W1 Chip is developed using Bluetooth standard and has shown to be better than other competing technologies when it comes to connectivity in particular and efficiency in general.

To pair an Airpod with an iPhone, you just need to press the button present at the back of the Airpod charging case and it immediately pairs with an iPhone.

Tech experts believe that the best part of the product is that after the initial pairing of the Airpod with an iPhone, it automatically pairs with other supported Apple devices. Incredible right?

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You have iCloud in your ear

Another great benefit of Airpods is that if immediately you pair them with any Apple device be it Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or Apple MacBook, it will automatically be available across all other Apple devices that you use which are connected to iCloud.

For instance, when I bought mine, I only did the pairing on my Mac laptop which was the first device I connected it to. I noticed that all my iCloud-linked devices including my two iPhones, my Apple watch, and my iPad did not require pairing when I wanted the Airpods with them.

This saves a lot of time required for pairing and unpairing from one device to the other. Airpods are smart enough to detect the device which is playing and then automatically connect to that device. It is one of the best capabilities of the audio device for me.

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It can be used with Non-apple devices

Airpods are also compatible with non-apple devices including android powered devices and windows systems. Although you have to manually the Airpods to these non-apple devices, this feature is a great improvement from what we have known Apple devices for.

Incredible Features

Airpods didn’t stop at just iCloud pairing, it went far beyond that incorporating incredible features and capabilities.

The wireless device is designed with miniature batteries, W1 chips, an accelerometer, a dual optical sensor, and a microphone. I mean can you beat that!

The combination of these “crazy” features gives you an unforgettable experience; little wonder Airpod users hardly go back to using any other headphones.

The dual optical sensor has the capability of detecting how you are using the Airpods. When you plug the Airpods into your ear, the sensor is able to detect that the device is your ear in what is called Automatic Ear detection.

This process is followed by a tone telling you that the connection is successful. If for instance, you need to speak to someone while you are using both Airpods, you just need to remove one of the Airpod and the Airpod will stop playing.

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When you are done and feel like resuming playing the song, you can put back the other Airpod and the Airpod will resume playing.

Airpod also supports the use of one Airpod. If you plug one of the Airpod into your ear, the device is smart enough to detect that and automatically change from stereo to mono mode.

This enables you to get all the sound effects of the song even with the ear. This feature is also unique to Apple Airpods.

Artificial Intelligence Right in your Ears

Airpods are designed to function with machine learning and Artificial intelligence. It is called “Siri” and you can set this up with a simple tap on your Airpod.

The importance of these Artificial intelligence and machine learning is that it enables the device to be able to make an intelligent decision on its own without your interference.

This means you can do a lot of tasks without touching your phone. For instance, you can call someone, increase or reduce the volume, check the weather condition and ask for directions just by activating Siri.

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This saves you a lot of time especially for those who want to avoid the distraction from their cell phone. You can keep your iPhone away from you and when you want to call someone, you can do that without picking up your iPhone.

This also extends to other tasks like controlling the volume or asking for direction. You don’t need to carry your phone around to be able to do this.

Amazing Battery life

With Airpods, you enjoy the following

The battery life can last for more than 5 hours. This is a big plus for those travelling for long-distance and will like to play songs all through.

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The charging case when fully charged can last for up to 24 hours

Charging the Airpods in the charging case for 15 minutes can give about 3 hours of listening time.

All these attest to the amazing battery life of Airpods. The device is designed to serve you round the clock; from the superior internal batteries to the wonderful charging case that can recharge the Airpods within a very short period.

Best Cases you can Buy for your Airpods

Airpods are shipped with cases that are designed with materials strong enough to protect the Airpods. If you have used Airpods for a while, it is possible it may have dropped from heights or positions you thought it won’t survive, it finally did.

This speaks to the kind of materials that the case is made. However, have you tried to ask ‘How do I protect the charging case too?’ Because it is possible for the charging case to fall one day and get either shattered or broken and that is why you need to invest a few dollars in purchasing an extra case to shield the charging case.

In this section, I will be reviewing some of these Airpod cases. These Airpod cases are not expensive, but you can get any of them at a price less than $20.

1. Neotrixqi

Check Price

This Airpod case costs around $6 on Amazon. It has the following amazing features.

  • It is made from durable, high-grade silicone. Irrespective of your kneeling position, you can’t deform the case and the case can be washed with water.
  • It offers 360-degree protection of your Airpod from situations such as dirt, shocks, scratches, and other eventualities.
  • It is designed with a precise cut off which allows for free access to the charging port.
  • The case allows you to use the wireless charger to charge the Airpods without removing the case.
  • It has a dust cap to keep your charging port clean and an anti-lost strap to let you move around with the Airpod. The strap can also be used to hang the Airpods to a backpack or a handbag.
  • The opening angle of the case makes it seamless when putting or removing the Airpods, there is no obstruction at all.
  • It is compatible with both Airpods 1 and 2.

2. MOBISI Military AirPods Case

Check Price

With just $14, you can get this case for your Airpod. It is cool, made with plastic-like material, and comes with a secure mount for a detachable carabiner. Some of its features include:

  • It is Compatible with Airpod 1 and 2
  • It is produced with a military-designed Soft TPO case.
  • The Case is designed with anti-shock, anti-fingerprint, anti-slip material.
  • It offers all-around protection.
  • It is shipped with a metal carabiner clip which makes it easier and secure to carry the Airpods anywhere.
  • It supports both wirelesses and wired charging Airpod cases and displays a Led light when charging.

3. Doboli AirPods Pro Case

Check Price

  • This Case cost only $5 and is only compatible with AirPod Pro
  • It is designed to protect Airpod Pro from incidents such as Bumps and scratches.
  • It is incredibly durable, easy to move, and easy to install.
  • It is manufactured using high-end silicone.
  • It supports wireless charging.
  • It has a smooth surface and is also dustproof.

4. Ztopop Airpod Case

Check Price

  • This is also compatible with only Airpod Pro. It doesn’t fit into Airpod one and two.
  • It comes with precise cut-outs which makes it easy for you to charge the Airpod without removing it from the case.
  • It supports wireless charging and has a front LED to indicate when it is charging.
  • It is manufactured using impact resistance TPU which provides maximum protection against fingerprints, falls, dust scratches, etc.
  • It comes with a metal carabiner clip that helps you to attach it to your handbags or backpack and therefore provides security and ease when moving it around.

How to identify Original Apple AirPods

In a world filled with so many counterfeits, it is important to acquit yourself with enough knowledge that will enable you to distinguish an original product from the counterfeits. In this section, I will be guiding you on the steps you can take to differentiate between an original Apple Airpods from others.

Serial Number

This is the most accurate way to distinguish an original Apple Airpods from others. This is because every Airpods comes with a unique serial number that can be confirmed on Apple’s original website.

Next time you want to buy AirPods, check the serial number on the device and check to see if it corresponds with one on apple’s site. If it is not, then it is obvious, it is NOT an Original Apple product.

The serial number is usually found on the inside of the Airpods case. The number is readable immediately if you bring out the Airpods from the Case. When you get this number, write it down and go to Apple’s official website and paste it. The query will return with a web page telling you if the product is authentic or not.

Do Airpods Work With Microsoft Teams – Conclusion

In the course of this write-up, I have explained the reason why you can’t use your Airpods with Microsoft Teams. It is simply because it is not among the list of official USB and audio devices supported by Microsoft.

Next time you see someone complaining of not being able to use his or her Airpods with Microsoft Teams, educate the person that there is nothing wrong with either his Airpod or the Computer.

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