Can You Wear Just One Bose Earbud?

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Bose earbud comes in pairs, one for the right ear and the other for the left ear. When you use it completely, it gives you a complete sound experience of the music you are playing from your device.

However, there are times you would want to listen to music and at the same time hear what people say around you. In such a situation, many users do ask if they can wear one Bose earbud. 

Yes, you can wear one of the Bose earbuds and it will still function perfectly. However, there is a condition attached to it when you want to wear just one Bose earbud.

You can only wear the right Bose earbud when you want to wear only one earbud. Read on for more information on how you can wear only one Bose earbud. 

How can I wear one Bose earbud?

It has been stated earlier in this guide that you can wear one Bose earbud but it has to be the right earbud alone. Are you bothered about why you cannot wear the left earbud alone? Here is a list of the reasons why you can only wear the right Bose earbud. 

  1. The design: The right earbud was designed by Bose to work independently. The left earbud is not designed to work without the right earbud. 
  2. It controls the left: The right earbud controls the function of the left earbud, which makes it easier to use the right earbud alone. You can try this by placing the right earbud in the charging case while music is still on, you will notice that the left earbud will stop functioning immediately.
  3. The mic: In case you want to answer a call with the earbud, the microphone is on the right earbud alone. Therefore, it is impossible to wear the left earbud alone. 

How can I troubleshoot one Bose earbud? 

When you want to wear only one Bose earbud, make sure you are wearing the right earbud. It will work perfectly this way. However, in a situation where you are experiencing difficulties in connecting the right earbud, you can try troubleshooting with the following steps. 

Turn off in-ear detection

When you chew ice or chips while wearing one Bose earbud, it could cause a sound in the ear canal. When this happens, the earbud may detect this as feedback, thereby lowering the effectiveness of the noise-cancelling feature, hence, the need to turn off the in-ear detection when you wear only one Bose earbud.

If you want to turn off this feature, you should open the Bose app, navigate to Settings, and then disable the in-ear detection. However, you should know that the noise-cancelling feature will not function optimally when you disable in-ear detection. 

Wear properly

In a situation where the earbud is not functioning optimally, you should check to know if you are wearing it properly. You can slightly move it and see if it will function the way it ought to. 

Try a different app

When the earbud is not functioning the way it ought to, the fault could be from the app you are playing music from. You should play music from another app and see if the earbud will function properly. 

Play another media

If you notice that the earbud is not functioning properly, you should change the media you are playing. If you have videos on your device, you can play the video and see if the performance of the earbud will improve. 

Reboot Bluetooth device

If you have tried all the steps highlighted above and the problem persists, you can troubleshoot by rebooting the Bluetooth device. 

Service the earbud

The Bose earbud is like any other product from Bose. It also needs occasional servicing. When it begins to give you a problem, you should service the earbud.

Return to charging case

This could be the solution you need for the earbud. Just place it in the charging case for a minimum duration of five seconds. You can then remove it and try pairing it again. 

Reset the earbud

You can make a Bose earbud function optimally again by resetting it. Read on for more information on how to reset Bose earbud

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How can I reset a Bose earbud? 

Many people find it difficult to reset the Bose earbud since there is no button on them, hence, thinking it is impossible to reset the earbud.

Nevertheless, it is possible to reset the Bose earbud. All you have to do is to follow the steps that will be highlighted below when you want to reset the Bose earbud. 

  1. Connect charging case into a power outlet: When you want to reset the Bose earbud, the first thing you should do is to connect the charging case of the earbud into any compatible power outlet. 
  2. Put the earbud into the charging case: Once you have connected the charging case to a power outlet, you can now place the earbud into the charging case. 
  3. Leave for five seconds: When you have placed the earbud in the charging case, close the lid and leave the earbud in the charging case for a minimum duration of five seconds. 
  4. Press and hold Bluetooth on the charging case: You should press and hold the Bluetooth on the charging case for a minimum duration of thirty seconds. The LED indicator should blink solid white and pink blue to indicate that the earbud has been reset successfully. 

How can I troubleshoot when the left ear of the Bose earbud is not connecting? 

The right ear of the Bose earbud is the most important because it controls the functions of the left earbud. Nevertheless, there are some instances where the left earbud will not connect. You can resolve this by following the steps below. 

Check if the earbud is awake

It is likely the earbud is not connecting because it is not awake. You can check if it is awake by pressing the button on it. 

Check battery life

You might not be aware that the battery of the earbud is drained. Once you are not sure about the battery life of the earbud and it seems difficult for you to connect it, you can check to know if the earbud is not completely depleted. 

Reboot Bluetooth device

The fault could also be from the Bluetooth device. You should troubleshoot by rebooting the Bluetooth device. 

Reconnect to Bluetooth device

Once you have completed the rebooting process, you should remove the earbud from the Bluetooth device list. You can then reconnect it. 

Clear Bluetooth history

The Bose earbud does have a record of all the Bluetooth devices it has been connected to. You can clear the Bluetooth memory of Bose earbud on either the Bose earbud or you opt to do it on the Bose Connect app.

You can press and hold the Bluetooth button on the earbud for ten seconds until you hear “Bluetooth device cleared”. Also, you can do this on the Bose connect app by opening the app on your device, tapping the Bluetooth icon below the device.

You should be careful if you have more than one Bose product that is connected to the Bose Connect app. Once you have tapped on the Bluetooth icon below the earbud, it will take you to the connection page, where you can tap on edit.

You can then tap on X, which is next to the device name. Afterward, you should tap on disconnect to confirm you are clearing Bluetooth history. 


The left ear of the Bose earbud might not connect because the earbud is due for servicing. You can seek the counsel of a Bose accredited agent when you intend to do this.  

How can I wear the Bose earbud properly? 

The Bose earbud is a quality product that will make you feel comfortable when you use them. Nevertheless, it could be problematic when you do not use them rightly, especially if you do not wear them properly. Here is a list of simple tips on how you can wear the Bose earbud properly. 

  1. Allow to rest on ear canal: When you want to wear the Bose earbud, you should wear it in a manner that the ear tip of the Bose earbud will gently rest on the opening of the ear canal. 
  2. Makes sure you are comfortable: It is likely you will wear the earbud for a longer duration, hence, you should feel comfortable with the earbud. You can slightly rotate the Bose earbud till you achieve the desired comfort. 
  3. Place the ear tip wing under your ear ridge: Once you have rotated the earbud and to a state where you are comfortable with it, you should then place the ear tip wing of the earbud under your ear ridge. 

Can You Wear Just One Bose Earbud – Conclusion

You can wear just one of the Bose earbuds, but it has to be the right ear. This guide has carefully presented you with information that will be beneficial when you decide to use just one Bose earbud. 

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