Can You Charge Bose SoundlInk Mini With USB?

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Bose Soundlink Mini is a small but powerful speaker that can fit into your hands. It is popular among sound enthusiasts because of its rich and quality bass which is far better than speakers with similar features.

Soundlink Mini comes with a USB port at the side but can you charge the device with it and if No, why is it not possible to charge the device from the USB port. Find out the answers to these and more as you read along.

So, Can You Charge Bose SoundlInk Mini With USB? No, you cannot charge the Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker series with a USB Cable.

Although they usually ship them with a USB port, the USB port on the devices is primarily designed for data transfer. Other uses of the port include carrying out software upgrades and other similar tasks. The port will not accept power.

However, the newer Bose Soundlink II Mini-speaker series allows you to charge with a Type-C USB cord. However, you need to meet the power requirement for the battery to receive charge through the USB. The requirement is 12V DC power with a minimum of 0.833A current.

For the SoundlInk Mini, if you lose the charger or the charger gets bad, you have to buy a replacement because there is no other way to charge it.

Alternatively, you can decide to upgrade to the Series II product. This is what many Series I customers do when they can’t find a replacement for the charger. For series II devices, if you lose the charger, you easier buy a Type C USB cable and charge it.

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Common Problem with Bose SoundLink and How to resolve them

Charger Plugged In, SoundLink Mini not working but other devices work

If your SoundLink Mini Series I isn’t charging from a plug socket that is also powering other devices, you may have a faulty power adapter, charger, or cord. In this case, your only option is to buy a suitable replacement or use a compatible substitute you use at home.

If you use a separate charger, please check the device’s specifications before using it with your SoundLink Mini. If the ratings are too high or too low, charging the battery in this manner may cause damage to the speaker. You can also consult Bose’s customer service to see if they have any additional suggestions in this situation.

SoundLink Not turning on when connected to a Power source

The common reason for this is an improper connection. First, check to see that the Soundlink Mini is plugged into an active AC receptible in your house.

You may also need to check the connection between the power adapter and the speaker to ensure that everything is properly connected.

If you have a surge protector where you plugged the speaker into, check if the switch is in the ‘ON’ position.

Some sockets might have some loose connections or components that are not working. Check them properly and if you discover any fault, you need to either repair the socket or plug the Soundlink Mini into another socket that is working well.

Sound not playing from the Speaker

If you don’t hear any music from the speaker despite the fact that it says it’s connected, there could be a problem with the Bluetooth® settings on your transmitting gadget. Even though the indicator suggests that you’re connected, the Mini can stay unpaired.

If other Bluetooth devices are currently in use, it may be beneficial to turn them off before attempting a second connection with your SoundLink Mini.

Some gadgets offer controls that allow you to alter the audio playback. It will appear as if the Mini isn’t working if those settings aren’t in the correct order to transmit data for sound through the speakers.

Another problem could be that the volume on the Mini is set too low. It’s possible that the speaker is muted. If you make changes in these places, the music may begin to play again.

No Sound from my Bluetooth Sound Source

The first thing that should come to your mind if your Soundlink Mini is not playing any sound is to check if the volume is not totally turned down.

If that is not the case, you should verify that the Bluetooth connection is active. You can verify the connection by checking that the Bluetooth indicator is showing an active connection. If the connection is not active, you have to pair the Bluetooth device to the Soundlink Mini speaker again.

If your Soundlink Mini speaker is not within the Bluetooth range of your sound source, you won’t be able to play a song, so you have to bring the speaker closer to the sound source. Sometimes, walls and other barriers can also interfere with the transmission, so you have to put all these into consideration.

If your Soundlink Mini-Series I or Series II is outside of a Bluetooth signal’s standard range, it won’t play music from your device. You’ll need to move it back within range. Even if you’re only a few feet away, any walls or barriers could interfere with the signal.

Another common source of interference is Microwave, if you have one near you, it could be the course of signal distortion. Other things that can also interfere with the Bluetooth signal include Cordless phones, network routers, cordless phones, etc.

If you are able to eliminate all these interferences, you should notice a great improvement in the connection.

There are many reasons why you can’t pair your Soundlink Mini-Series I or Series Ii to a Bluetooth device. Primarily, the problem is usually linked to the use of older software versions for the Soundlink Mini, you can visit Bose website and search for the latest update for the version of the Soundlink mini you are using.

After updating the Soundlink with the latest software version, you need to restart the speaker for the upgrade to take effect. Restarting the Soundlink mini is very easy, simply press and hold the mute button for about ten seconds.

You will notice the LED on the speaker flashing for some seconds telling you that the speaker is restarting. After the restarting, press the power button to turn it on again.

Sometimes, the reason why you can’t pair your Bluetooth device to your Soundlink Mini may be simply because the Bluetooth feature is turned off on the sound source.

You should verify this on your smartphone or laptop that you are using as your sound source. If the Bluetooth is turned off, navigate to ‘Settings’ on the device, locate Bluetooth and turn it on.

If the Bluetooth is turned on but you can’t still pair both devices, you need to restart the device. If restarting doesn’t solve the problem, clear the pairing list on the Soundlink Mini speaker.

To do this, locate the Bluetooth button on the speaker press and hold it for about ten seconds, you will hear a sound once all the paired device has been cleared from the memory of the speaker.

Then, also clear the paired device on your Bluetooth device (sound source). You may need to check out how to do this from the manual of your device or you can simple search for the steps online.

Lastly, when pairing the Soundlink Mini to a Bluetooth device and it requests a code, enter ‘0000’ and then press ‘CONFIRM’ or ‘OK’. You will notice that the connection is complete and the indicator light will indicate that the connection is active.

Speaker doesn’t work with Battery

If you’ve never used your Bose SoundLink Mini in two weeks, it goes into “protection mode.” That is, it is set to the factory floor’s default setting for the shipping and handling process.

The simplest solution is to reconnect the Series I or Series II Mini to a standard AC power plug socket. This step restores the SoundLink to its previous state, allowing it to run on battery power once more.

In some cases, you may have a faulty battery. Because of the age of the product, this problem is becoming more common among Series I users.

If the battery is not properly charged, it may also fail to engage. In that case, you’ll need to reconnect the unit to an AC power source.

Can You Charge Bose SoundlInk Mini With USB – Conclusion

In this article, I explained that for Soundlink Mini-Series I, you cant charge them with a USB cord. Although the speaker comes with a USB port, it is not designed for charging, it is primary for data transfer and can also be used for things like data transfer.

However, for Soundlink Mini Series II, you can charge them using a USB cord. So, if you have the Soundlink Mini-Series I and you lose charge or your charger gets bad, you can either buy a replacement or upgrade to Series II so that you can charge with a Type-C USB charger.

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