Can You Change Songs With Skullcandy Headphones?

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One of the factors people look out for when purchasing any tech equipment has always been simplicity and innovation — headphones are not left out. No one wants to go through the stress of bringing out their phones anytime they want to change a playlist, so if you get to ask the question “Can you change songs with Skullcandy headphones?” I have your answer right below.

Yes, you can change songs with your Skullcandy headphones. All you need to do is simply follow the instructions below.

How to change songs with a Skullcandy headphone

Step 1: Decide if you want to go forward or backward

Knowing where your track preferred track is located will save you time when skipping between songs because it determines the button you should press.

Step 2: Hold down the volume keys to move upwards or downwards respectively

Hold down the +volume key for about 2 seconds to move to the next track. Release your hold on the button as soon as the track starts playing. Repeat the process if you wish to move to the next song.

Hold down the -volume key if you wish to go backward in your Playlist. However, the Skullcandy sesh has a very different approach.

How do you skip songs on Skullcandy sesh?

Unlike the Skullcandy sesh, it’s not the volume button that matters, but the placement of the earbuds on your ear. The left earbud is to skip the song backward, while the right earbud is to skip the song forward.

All you have to do is simply long-press the left earbud to skip a song on your Playlist backward, and long-press the right earbud to skip a song forward. As simple as ABC, right?

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Which is better, Skullcandy sesh or indi?

Both are earbuds, both seem to be doing well in the market, but what seems to attract their prospective buyers to them? That and many more we’ll be discussing in this segment.

One thing most buyers look out for in earbuds is their ability to remain in the ear while running — no one would like their earbuds falling out during a morning walk or run.

We all agree earbuds will give you what you seek in terms of sound quality and delivery, but all that seems to go through the window with them falling from your ear when the slightest opportunity presents itself.

Based on some factors which I’ll be listing below, the Skullcandy indi fuel and sesh Evo were compared.

  • Design and style
  • Sound quality
  • Colour choice
  • Battery capacity and longevity
  • Tile tracking feature
  • Ambient mode
  • Price range

Design and style

In terms of style and design, note that the Sesh Evo and Indy Fuel are both earbuds, which means they are wireless and are built to seat properly in the Pina. While many might see this as a reason for them to fall off easily, they are both designed with ear gels which are more than sufficient in giving them a snug fit to your ears.

The weight of both cases is lightweight, and as you might already know the cases of these earbuds serve as the charger. However, in terms of fitting the earbuds in their case, the Sesh Evo earbuds edge the Indy Fuel. The Indy Fuel requires you to make some adjustments which can be quite annoying if you are in haste.

The Sesh Evo buds are designed like studs that fit neatly into the ears, while the Indy Fuel is designed like the AirPods we all know albeit with longer stems. So, in this category, I would have to give it to the Sesh Evo.

Sound quality

When it boils down to sound, which is the bedrock on which I make my choice when it comes to earbuds, the Indy fuel slightly nudges the Sesh Evo.

Many sounds enthusiasts might argue that both earbuds are still lacking in clarity and brightness, but they are also quick to admit that the Sesh Evo has a flatter feel, and the voices on phone calls can be tiny, which could be a challenge in very noisy environments.

However, both earbuds can be used as solo devices, and they both have media controls on them — you wouldn’t need to bring out your device to skip a song or increase the volume as the case may be.

Colour choice

The Indy Fuel earbuds are generally available in pink, black, purple, red, mint green, olive green, and blue, while its counterpart — Sesh Evo — is available in several colour combinations which include pale blue, red, black, and mint green.

So, depending on your preference, any of these two should satisfy your colour wheel, but I don’t personally feel your choices should be based on the colour they come in — it should be the last box you tick.

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Battery capacity and longevity

The Indi Fuel earbuds have a battery of 30 hours when fully charged, while the Sesh Evo has a capacity of just 24 hours — a 6-hour difference.

Depending on how frequently you use your earbuds, it’s obvious the Indi-Fuel wins in this category. It also means that you don’t get to charge more often compared to the Sesh Evo earbuds which can be a buzz kill especially when you are in the middle of something that requires a hands-on approach.

Tile tracking feature

The tile tracking feature which enables you to locate a missing earbud is available on both versions — the Sesh Evo and Indy Fuel.

If you are in the habit of tossing your earbuds in unknown locations — especially after a run, only to look for a bud later, then the tile tracking feature will be of great use to you.

However, you should note that the tile tracking feature is only active if your earbuds are within the range of your smartphone — it’s of no use if you forgot your earbuds on a train or a flight.

The tile tracking feature helps you locate your missing earbud(s) by making it play a siren sound to help you find it. This helps you locate your earbuds without having to go through the stress of scattering your stuffs or racking your mind to know their exact location.

Ambient mode

The Indi Fuel edges its Evo counterpart by having the ambient mode that enables you to enjoy some unique features, especially for runners and workout enthusiasts.

This feature enables the user to listen to music or podcasts as the case may be while keeping you well informed of the happenings around your present location.

The ambient mode also grants you access to EQ modes that include movies, music, and podcasts respectively. The movie mode increases the bass and volume setting, while the podcast mode takes out most of the bass to allow you to hear the words clearly and effortlessly.

The Indy fuel earbuds also allow you to pull up the smart assistant feature in your phone.

Whereas, the Sesh Evo simply has the three EQ modes and also the ability to pick up a smart assistant. However, note that the ambient feature is only specific to the Indi Fuel earbuds and not the Sesh Evo.

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Price range

The Indi Fuel is priced around $100, while the Sesh Evo is priced around $60 leaving you with a $40 difference, to say the least.

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So which should I buy?

While the choice is totally up to you, I still feel you should consider your schedule before settling on a choice. If you are fond of forgetting to plug in your earbuds in their charging case, then I suggest you go for the Indi Fuel earbuds due to the extra hours of battery life. The ambient mode is another reason you should consider the Indi Fuel Skullcandy earbuds, especially if you are an outdoor runner.

However, the Sesh Evo makes a good case in terms of less cost. It has the tile tracker just like the Indi Fuel, and it also has extra listening modes that can help you enjoy your movies, music, and podcasts.

Well, just like I stated earlier, the choice is entirely yours, and if you are a sports person, I will strongly suggest you lean towards the Indi Fuel Skullcandy earbuds.


Do Skullcandy earbuds have a mic?

Just like their other earbud counterparts, Skullcandy earbuds have an integrated mic within their components. The recorded speech is known to have a muffled sound which makes it lack in details, however, they are very intelligible.

The person on the other end of your call wouldn’t have a hard time listening to your conversation even if the mic is quite the distance from the mouth.

The downside to this though is that the mic will have a hill to climb when it comes to separating your speech from environmental noise. This means that having a decent conversation in noisy environments or a busy layout will prove to be problematic.

How do I change my Bluetooth from Chinese to English?

Having a Bluetooth headset in a different language other than English is usually commonplace with brands that are still trying to make a name in the market. The following steps below should help you out of such situations in no time at all.

Step 1: Pair the headset with your device

To pair the headset with your device, you will have to turn it on. Ensure the headset is fully charged to avoid interruptions during the entire process.

Step 2: Press down and hold the volume up and volume down button together

This step is vital to the success of the quest. Hold down the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously for at least 5 seconds. Wait to hear the WELCOME voice before releasing it.

Step 3: Follow the voice prompt

After the “welcome” voice prompt, a language type selection will repeat in its selected language. For example, German will repeat in German, French will repeat in French, and so on.

As soon as you hear the English notification, press the Mode button, or the multifunction button. This should help you lock-in English as your preferred language. You can also repeat the entire process for other languages.

Note that some earphone brands will require you to press the volume up or volume down button to easily navigate through the language options, but all in all, the mode key is used to select the preferred language.

Another way to reset your Bluetooth headset to the English language is to completely turn off your Bluetooth headset and disconnect it from any device it is playing from. Press the power button twice — continuously. Continue the process until you hear a notification that your language has been reset to English.

Can you talk with wireless earbuds?

Yes, you can, but as I stated earlier, some modifications can vary in the brands. As expected, the higher the price range the more clear the voice filter should fare.

Why are my Skullcandy earbuds so quiet?

This can happen with the Skullcandy Indi earbuds. Gently reduce the volume by slowly and gently tapping the left earbud whilst counting 1 Mississippi after every tap.

Do this on the left earbud until the sound is very low, then repeat the process for the right earbuds to raise the volume back to your desired preference. This should get your earbuds up and running in no time at all.

How do you fix low-volume earbuds?

Low-volume earbuds are most likely to be caused by the settings. Simply follow the guideline below to fix it.

  • Open the settings on your phone
  • Click the connection segment. Note that the writeup may differ in phone types and models.
  • Click the Bluetooth segment, you will see a three-dotted icon that looks like lines with full-stops on them — click on it.
  • Click on the media volume sync button, then click on the toggle button that allows you to switch on the media volume sync. Click it to signify on.

In some phones, simply clicking on the volume button will show you the range of all the audio connections to your phones such as ring volume, alarm volume, and Bluetooth volume if connected. Drag the Bluetooth volume to your desired sound output, and you should be fine.

Can You Change Song With Skullcandy Headphones – Conclusion

Earbuds are the new revolution in terms of quality sound output as well as comfort and durability. It’s only a matter of time before they faze out the conventional headphones and wired headsets as we know it.

Be it a Skullcandy or any other choice you might have in mind earbuds are known for their style and charisma — not just that — their ease with which they can be operated makes them so valuable to sportsmen and women.

Get an earbud today and see the possibilities you must have opened for yourself. Cheers!!!

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