Can Sonos Arc Sit On A Shelf?

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The Sonos arc is a great addition to any sound system. Not does it only improve the sound quality of sound production, it also enhances the look of your house. Due to this reason, many people do ask if they can place Sonos arc on a shelf. 

Yes, you can place the Sonos arc on the shelf and it will be safe there. Having a TV on the shelf and placing the Sonos arc there makes it look perfect. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions you must follow if you want to place the Sonos arc on the shelf. Read on for more information. 

How can I place Sonos arc on the shelf? 

The Sonos arc is not what you can place anywhere because of its design and unique features. Placing it on the shelf is a good decision but placing it right there have some conditions. Here is a list of some of the things you should do if you decide to place Sonos arc on the shelf. 

  1. Keep a gap: If you will be placing a Sonos arc on the same shelf as a TV, there should be a gap of about 4 inches between the TV and Sonos arc. 
  2. Touch control facing up: When you are placing the arc on the shelf, make sure the touch control is facing the ceiling. 
  3. Do not place it on the edge: While placing Sonos arc on the shelf, make sure it sits comfortably. Also, do not place it close to the edge of the shelf. 

Effects of placing Sonos arc on the shelf

There is nothing bad in placing Sonos arc on the shelf if you do it rightly. The arc will sound well and beautify the look of your house.

Nevertheless, you should be prepared for some things that might happen. Highlighted below are some of the effects of placing Sonos arc on the shelf. 

Obstruction to the remote

If you place the Sonos arc on the shelf with the TV, it is likely you will place it in the front. By doing this, the Sonos arc could be an obstruction to the TV remote, thereby making it difficult to control the TV with a remote. 

Risk of falling

When you place Sonos arc on the shelf, it might fall if you do not monitor it. There is a possibility that it will shift while in use, if you place it on the edge of the shelf, it might fall. 

Risk exposure

If you place Sonos arc on the shelf and you have little children at home, you should be worried about the safety of the arc. They move nearer to the arc to play with it, thereby damaging it in the process. 

Loss of money

You could be spending more money than you budget when you place Sonos arc on the shelf. It could fall from the shelf and you will have to spend money to fix it or buy a new one. 

Sound quality

Placing Sonos arc on the shelf might alter the quality of sound production, if not done properly. There must be a gap between the arc and the speaker and the touch control should face the ceiling. 


Depending on the size of the shelf, Sonos arc could occupy more than enough space on the shelf, thereby making it impossible to place other items on the shelf. In addition, remember that you will have to give a gap between the arc and the TV. 

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How can I set up Sonos arc? 

The shelf is not the only place you can place Sonos arc. It is possible to place it in other locations of your choice, provided there will be enough space for the arc. Here is a list of some of the things you should do when you want to place Sonos arc. 

  1. Location: You cannot place Sonos arc in a location that will hinder its proper placement. The desired location should be spacious and barrier-free. In addition, it should not be placed in a damp location or where there is no ventilation. 
  2. Spacing: Appropriate placement of the Sonos arc will improve sound production. You should leave a space of about 5.5 inches in the front and the sides of the arc. Also, place in a manner that the touch control will be facing up and there should also be at least 1 feet spacing away from the wall. 
  3. Clear obstruction: Once you have successfully placed Sonos arc in your desired location, you should clear any forms of obstruction away from it.   

How do I connect Sonos arc? 

Though easy, many people, however, find it difficult to connect the Sonos arc. Within a few minutes, you should be able to do this. Are you ready? Read on for more information on how to connect Sonos arc. 

Download the app

You cannot connect Sonos arc to any device without the app. If you do not have the app on your mobile device, you can download it on the Apple store or Google play store.

Nevertheless, be reminded that Sonos arc only works with the S2 app. So, if you have an S1 app on your device, make sure you download the S2 app. 

Place arc in the desired location

Once you have downloaded the app on your device, you should place the arc in your desired location. Steps that could help you in placing the arc appropriately have been discussed earlier in this guide. 

Connect to a power outlet

The Sonos arc will not work when it is not connected to a power outlet. It is recommended that you connect it directly into a wall outlet, if possible. 

Have your cables nearby

You should have the HDMI cable and other audio adapters nearby. The app will guide you on how and when to fix each cable.    

Open the app

Once you have every cable nearby, you are good to go. Just open the app, tap on set up a new system, and then sign in if you have a previous or you create a new account.

You can then promptly follow the on-screen instruction from the app. Also, if you have an existing Sonos system and you want to add the arc, just open the app, navigate to settings, tap on the system, and then add product. You can then follow the on-screen instruction to add the arc to the existing Sonos system.

Enjoy the product

Once you are through with the steps highlighted above, you can start enjoying the Sonos arc.  

Troubleshooting Sonos arc

If done properly, you should not have any problem connecting the Sonos arc. Nevertheless, you can troubleshoot with the following methods if you encounter any difficulty when you want to connect Sonos arc. 

Check Led light

The LED light should be flashing green if the arc is connected successfully. Nevertheless, the LED light might not flash green if the arc has been connected to another system previously. 

Reset the arc

Failure to flash green means the arc has not been connected successfully. You should reset the arc immediately. Resetting the arc might take a few seconds but it is very simple.

The first thing you should do is to unplug the arc from the power source, you should then press and hold the join button while plugging the power cord again.

However, if there is no join button on your arc, you can use the play/pause button or mute button. You should hold on to the button until the LED light flashes green. You can then repeat the process of connecting the arc.

Reboot the arc

If you are unable to connect the Sonos arc after resetting it, you should reboot it. Rebooting Sonos arc is very simple. Just unplug it from the power source, wait for 10 seconds before you plug it again. Then give the arc up to 60 seconds to reboot. 

Change location

You might be experiencing difficulty in connecting the arc because of where you placed it. You should move it closer to your router and make sure it is within 10 feet of your mobile device. If you can connect it to this location, it is recommended that you leave it there, provided it is safe for the arc.  

Change mobile device

If the problem persists after troubleshooting with the methods highlighted above, you should get another mobile device, download the S2 app again, and then repeat the pairing process. 

Use wire

In a situation where you are finding it difficult to wirelessly connect the arc, you can connect it directly to the router with an Ethernet cable if your arc has an Ethernet port. 

Can Sonos Arc Sit On A Shelf – Conclusion

Sonos arc can comfortably sit on a shelf and function optimally there if you place it rightly. Though rare, you can, however, encounter difficulties in wirelessly connecting the Sonos arc. Read the guide for more information on how you can troubleshoot. 

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