Can Dropping Your Airpods Damage Them?

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Airpods are wireless audio devices made by tech giants Apple. It was introduced in the market in 2016 and has since then evolved to become a popular accessory for iPhone and other device users. Just like every tech device, taking good care of them is very important if we want to ensure that they last long.

In this article, I will be looking at the implications of dropping your Airpods. Is it enough to cause permanent damage to the device?

So, Can Dropping Your Airpods Damage Them? Well, the answer to the question can be yes or No. ‘Maybe’ should be the right answer for this question. The reason is that whether or not dropping your Airpods will cause permanent damage will depend on two factors. Height and surface type.

Height: The higher the height the Airpods was dropped from, the higher the possibility of its being damaged. Other things being equal, a fall below 3ft should not cause damage.

Surface type: The second factor is the type of surface that the Airpods were dropped from. If the surface is a soft surface, it is unlikely to cause damage to the device.

Even when dropped on a hard surface, the device will likely not be damaged except it dropped on something like a stone that is capable of causing damage to the device.

However, It is better to avoid any situation that will lead to the dropping of the Airpod as a piece of precautionary advice.

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How to Make your AirPods last longer

1. Avoid Exposure to Extreme weather Condition

Generally, a greater percentage of battery-powered devices do not function well in extreme weather conditions such as heat or cold.

While this does not imply that you shouldn’t use your Airpods during summer or winter, you have to avoid exposing your Airpods and other battery-powered devices to direct sunlight and an extremely cold environment such as snow if you want the battery to last longer.

2. Turn off Automatic Ear Detection

Automatic Ear detection is a feature in Airpods that automatically stops your music when the device is taken off your ear and resumes playing when it is placed back into your ear.

While this is a wonderful feature, it is not that necessary and so if you intend to make your Airpods last longer, I will advise that you turn it off. To turn off the Automatic Ear detection features, follow the following steps:

After turning off the Automatic Ear detection, you will only be able to stop the music using your sound source (phone, tablet or computer).

3. Disable Noise cancellation for Airpods Pro

One of the distinguishing innovations of Airpods Pro is the noise cancellation feature which is intended to filter out background noises. This means that even when you make a call in a noisy environment, the listener will only hear your voice only.

As beautiful as this feature is, it has a huge impact on the battery life and it is better to turn it off if you want your battery to last longer. To turn this feature off, follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: On the iPhone, go to setting and then tap on Bluetooth
  • Step 2: Navigate to the options for the Airpods
  • Step 3: select off under Noise control.

4. Make one of your AirPods a designated Mic

If you receive a call in your Airpods, the device automatically selects one of the Airpods to serve as Mic. The logic is such that it alternates between the two Airpods.

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You can improve your battery life by manually selecting one of them to perpetually serve as the mic whenever you receive a call. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to settings and tap on Bluetooth
  • Step 2: Select the Airpods
  • Step 3: Choose Microphone
  • Step 4: From the options available, choose either the Right or left Airpod.

5. Reduce the Volume of the AirPod

One of the ways you can also conserve your battery is by reducing the volume. The higher the volume level, the higher the battery consumption.

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Just like lowering the brightness of your screen can enhance the battery life of your device, reducing the volume can also make your device last longer especially when the battery is already low and you intend to use them pending when it will be convenient to recharge them.

6. Use One AirPod

You can also decide to use one of the Airpods and then keep the other one charging in the charging case. This is especially helpful when the battery is not very good.

With this method, you use one at a time and charge the other and when the one you are using goes down, you alternate them by using the one that was charging before and returning the used one to the charging case to recharge.

One good thing about this is that Airpods ate smart enough to transition from stereo to mono mode when you are using one ear, so you don’t need to worry about not hearing the entire spectrum when using one Airpod.

7. Charge them on the go

If you notice that the Airpod case is not charging the Airpods very well or that they are running out of battery so fast, you may need to have a backup power source such as a portable power bank with you.

This will help you to continuously charge the charging case and in turn, allow you to use the Airpods for a longer period of time.

8. Consult an Apple service Centre or a Qualified Technician

Lastly, if you have issues such as Airpod case not charging or any other abnormality with the device, you can take it to an Apple service centre for diagnosis and proper fixing.

If your device is still under warranty, you can use that and get the issues sorted out for free. Apple warranty lasts for 365 days for most of their product and you can enjoy many years of warranty if you are an AppleCare+ holder.

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What do you do if you mistakenly wash your Airpods?

Have you ever imagined what will happen to your Airpods if you mistakenly forget them in your pocket and then proceed to wash them in a washing machine or even through hand washing?

Nobody plans to experience such a horrible experience but then it happens and you have to know what steps you can take to save the situation. Although it is not always possible to savage the devices in all cases, there are some steps or actions you can take before finally deciding to dispose of them.

Before we look at what we can do when the Airpods are washed in water, let me state here that Airpods are not waterproof.

I have seen a lot of people say this on different occasions and I have always corrected such misinformation. It is only Airpods Pro that are sweat and water-resistant.

However, even with the water and sweat resistant qualities, it is not expected that you immerse them in water. The AirPods Pro can only tolerate water to some extent. The normal Airpods are not designed to function under any kind of moisture.

Therefore, you have to ensure that they are properly protected from any kind of moisture. Having stated this, let’s now look at the options available to you if you wash your Airpods in water.

1. Take Advantage of AppleCare+

AppleCare+ is an insurance program designed by Apple for all its product. For instance, for Airpods, it cost just $29 to insure one of them and another $29 for the case.

Yes, this may not be cheap but it is far better than replacing it which cost around $89 for one of the Airpods. The insurance policy covers the replacement of two incident of accidental damage for any of the Apple devices you purchased as long as you purchased the insurance within 60 days of buying the device.

Therefore, if you mistakenly washed your Airpod and maybe the case and you subscribed to the Applecare+, you can take advantage of that and seek the replacement of the devices and the case at a cheaper cost when compared to buying a new one.

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Even with the AppleCare+ program, you still need one thing to be able to get the device repaired and that is the serial number of your Airpods. There are different ways you can get the serial number.

  1. You can find the serial number inside the Airpods just after taking off the Airpods. If you washed your Airpods and the case, it is possible at some part of the serial number will be wiped off meaning you may not be able to retrieve your serial number from there. It is important that you make sure you keep a record of the serial number of all your Apple device as they are needed before you can take advantage of the AppleCare+ program.
  2. You can also get the Serial number from the iPhone that the Airpod is connected to. Navigate to Settings, tap on General, tap on ‘About’ and then scroll down to AirPods. Tap on Airpods and there you will see the serial number of the Airpod displayed there.
  3. You can also get the serial number from the sales receipt of the device.
  4. You can see the serial number from the original box package of the device. It is necessary not to throw them away.
  5. For 2nd Generation AirPods, their serial number are usually written on them.

2. Dry if the AirPod got Wet

Immediately you discover that the Airpod was washed. The first thing to do is to dry the Airpod as soon as possible using a paper towel and a dry cotton bud. Remove the Airpods from its case and dry them as much as you can.

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Do not put the Airpods into their case and do not charge the case for at least 12 hours after the incident. Allow the Airpod to stay in an environment that is dry and at room temperature.

3. Use Silica Gel

A bag of Silica Gel is a wonderful choice when it comes to absorbing moisture. This is why a lot of electronic device manufacturers usually include small bags of silica gel when shipping their products.

You can get Silica gel by visiting your local stores or through some online stores if you do not have any with you.

When you discover that you have washed your Airpod, bring the out of your clothes. Then put them inside an airtight bag alongside some bags of silica gel and leave them there for about three to four days.

Hopefully, the gel should remove all form of moisture from the Airpods. You have to do this also for the Airpod case but make sure that the lid is open when you are putting it into an airtight bag with some bags of silica gel.

Can Dropping Your Airpods Damage Them – Conclusion

In this article, we explained the implication of dropping your Airpods. Airpods have become a very popular accessory in our world today.

For a device that cost over $200, care should be taken when handling the device. Although AirPods are designed to be durable, care should be taken to avoid incessant dropping of the device especially on the rocky surface and from a very tall height.

The higher the height of the fall, the higher the probability of the device developing a problem from the fall. I hope this answers your question on the subject matter. Kindly drop your comments, suggestions, experiences and question on the topic discussed in the comment box.

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