Are Bose Headphones Good For Recording?

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Just like any other product from Bose that is known for high quality and good sound production, the Bose headphones make users feel comfortable. The noise-cancelling feature of the headphone and clear mic makes many users ask if the Bose headphones will be good for recording. 

Well, the answer to this question is a technical no. When you are recording, you need to listen to all the sounds so that you will know where to do adjustments to the audio recording, the noise-cancelling feature of the Bose headphone will make it impossible to do this. Read on for more information on Bose headphones. 

Is it bad to use Bose headphones for recording? 

You need quality headphones to record audio that will be of high quality. Though the Bose headphone is a quality product, it is quite unlikely that it gives you quality production when you use them to record. Here is a list of some of the reasons why it is not good for you to record with Bose headphones. 

  1. The mic isn’t good enough for recording: When you make calls with Bose headphones, the mic will be clear which will make it easier for the other party to hear you. However, when you use the same mic to record, the noise-cancelling feature of the Bose headphone will filter away some of the sounds, which will make it difficult to have a complete recording. 
  2. Noise-cancelling feature: When you record, it is important that you hear the sound completely before you know what to filter. The Bose headphone would have filtered the sound, making it impossible to know areas where you will need adjustment. 
  3. Loss of important sound: The target listeners might not listen to the recording on Bose headphones, thereby exposing the deficiency in the record. It is, therefore, not advisable to record with Bose headphones. 

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How can I troubleshoot the Bose headphone? 

When you use the Bose headphones properly, it is rare before you encounter any problem with them. Nevertheless, in a situation where you encounter any difficulty with the Bose headphone, it is something you can resolve within a few minutes. Highlighted below are some of the things you can do when you encounter any difficulty with the Bose headphone. 

Unable to connect with a Bluetooth device

Connecting the Bose headphone to your Bluetooth device is a seamless effort that you will complete in less than 2 minutes.

However, in a situation where you find it difficult to connect the Bose headphone to a Bluetooth device, you can troubleshoot with the following steps. 

Turn it off

When you are experiencing difficulties with connecting the Bose headphone to a Bluetooth device, you should turn off the headphone, then wait for a few seconds before you turn it on again. 

Move Bluetooth device closer

You are likely experiencing difficulty in connecting the Bose headphone with the Bluetooth device when the distance between the two devices is more than 10 meters. You can move the headphone and the Bluetooth device closer and see if it will connect. 

Clear the way

The Bose headphone will not connect with the Bluetooth device when there is an obstruction on the path between the Bluetooth device and the Bose headphone. You can clear any form of physical obstruction on the path of the headphone. 

Clear pairing list

The Bose headphone records all pairing history. In a situation where you have connected it to any Bluetooth device, likely, the Bose headphone will not pair with a new device or fail to pair with any of the old devices, you can troubleshoot by clearing the pairing list.

Just press and hold on to the power button on the headphone continuously for a minimum duration of 10 seconds. You should not release the power button until you hear “Bluetooth device is cleared”. 

Remove from device’s Bluetooth list

The Bluetooth device also keeps a record of pairing history. Before you pair the Bose headphone with it again, just navigate to Bluetooth settings on the device and select either repair, remove, or forget, depending on the type of Bluetooth device you are using. 

Pair again

Once you are through with the steps highlighted above, you can then turn off Bluetooth on your device, reboot the device, turn on the Bluetooth, and pair again. 

Failure to charge

It is imminent that the battery of the Bose headphone will deplete and require charging, especially if you use it often. You can follow the steps below if the Bose headphone does not charge. 

Check the charging port

When it is difficult for the Bose headphone to charge, you should check the charging port for the possibility of any debris that is blocking the port. If you notice any debris, you should clean it immediately.  

Return to room temperature

You have likely used the Bose headphone in a place that is either too hot or too cold. Therefore, when the Bose headphone does not charge, you should leave them for a few minutes before you plugged in again. 

Power off the headphone

You can as well troubleshoot a Bose headphone that is not charging by turning it off. Locate the power button on the Bose headphone and turn it off. 

Connect into a wall outlet

The Bose headphone has a current requirement that would make it charge optimally. When you intend to charge it using a laptop or power strip, it might not charge because it is not getting the current requirement.

You should plug the Bose headphone directly into a wall outlet when you want to charge them. The LED indicator will turn solid white when it is fully charged. 

Why should I buy the Bose headphone? 

There are many headphones in the market but you will want to go for the best. All products from Bose are of high quality and has different peculiar feature that gives it a comparative advantage over its competitors. Here is a list of some of the reasons why you should consider the Bose headphone. 

  1. Noise-cancelling: This is a unique attribute of the Bose headphone that makes many users prefer to use it. The noise-cancelling feature will ensure that you only listen to the music from the headphone and limit the distractions that could come from the noise around you. You will have an immersive experience when you listen to songs with the Bose headphone. 
  2. Clear communication: You don’t have to remove the headphone when you want to answer a call. The mic is clear and audible, which makes it possible for the communication to go smoothly. It gives the experience of face-to-face communication. 
  3. Voice command: You don’t have to necessarily press a button on the Bose headphone or use the connected device before you can perform some functions when you are using the Bose headphone. Just a simple voice command, the Bose headphone will do perfectly what you want them to do. 
  4. Battery life: It is always annoying when you are listening to your chosen music and the headphones warn you of a low battery. In addition, when you are about to begin a task or go on a journey, you need a companion that will stay with you throughout the journey. With Bose headphones, you are guaranteed a companion that will stay throughout the journey or the duration of the task. It has a battery life capacity that could last for twenty hours. 
  5. Touch controls: A simple touch on the Bose headphone is all you need to give it a command and it will perform the action immediately. 

Maintenance tips for Bose headphone

It has been stated earlier in this guide that the Bose headphone is a quality product. Nevertheless, you have to keep it safe to increase its lifespan. 

  1. Clean after use: When you are through with the Bose headphone and you want to keep them for future use, you should clean them before keeping them safe. 
  2. Keep in a safe location: The Bose headphone is not something you should keep in a location where it could easily be damaged. Look for a safe location where you can keep it. 
  3. Keep away from children: Little children could play with anything their hands touches. When they play with the Bose headphones, they can unconsciously damage them. Therefore, keep the Bose headphone in a location where it will not be easy for little children to have access to it. 
  4. Appropriate charging: Do not wait until when the battery is completely drained before you charge it. In addition, you should plug the Bose headphone directly into a wall outlet. 
  5. Give to a professional: In a situation where the Bose headphone develops a technical fault, do not attempt to fix it yourself. You can consult the Bose accredited agent for proper guidance. 

Are Bose Headphones Good For Recording – Conclusion

The unique advantages of Bose headphones could be a disadvantage when you want to use them for recording. Therefore, you shouldn’t use the Bose headphone for recording.  

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