Are Bose Headphones Good For Mixing?

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The Bose headphone is a quality product that offers users comfort and an immersive experience. In addition, it is popular among users because of its numerous features. Due to this, many users, especially music enthusiasts do ask if they can use the Bose headphone for mixing. 

Can you use the Bose headphone for mixing? Well, the answer to this question is no. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be because the headphone is not designed for mixing.

Your potential listeners might not use Bose headphones when they want to listen to the song. Read on for more information on why you should not mix with Bose headphones. 

Is it good to mix with Bose headphones? 

Bose headphones are popular with their unique features and comfort. In recent times, Bose headphones are equipped with the latest technology and a sound enthusiast might decide to use the headphone for mixing.

Though the inbuilt features of the headphones improve users’ experience, they are, however, not a good feature for mixing. The result of such a mixing experience will not be encouraging. 

Why can’t I mix with Bose headphones? 

Though the Bose headphone has many features, such as noise-cancelling and quality sound production, it is, however, unlikely that it will give you the quality result when you use it to mix. Here is a list of some of the reasons why you can’t mix with Bose headphones. 

  1. Purpose: When Bose designed the headphone, the purpose is not for mixing. It is intended to be for users’ comfort. 
  2. Design: The Bose headphone is not designed in the typical mixing headphone way. Normally, the ear cups of a mixing headphone should be opened but the ear cups of the Bose headphones are not opened. 
  3. Booming bass: The Bose headphone comes with an inbuilt amplifier that enhances bass production of the sound. Though this is good when you want to use the headphone to listen to music, it is, however, not good when you want to mix with the headphone. 
  4. Feature: The unique features of the Bose headphone made it popular among many users. Though these features are advantageous when you want to listen to music with the headphone, the features, however, make it impossible to use the headphone for mixing, especially the noise-canceling feature. 

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Effects of mixing with the Bose headphone

It has been stated earlier in this guide that the Bose headphone is not good for mixing. You might decide to use it in a situation where a mixing headphone is not available, but the result might not be impressive. Here is a list of things that might likely happen when you mix with Bose headphones. 

  1. Unclear sound: It is always disheartening when you work on a project for many hours and the result is not encouraging. When you mix with Bose headphones, you likely produce a sound that is not clear. 
  2. Relatively poor sound: When you are through with the mixing process, it might sound great when you listen to the result via Bose headphones but the result will not be appealing when you listen to such sound from other speakers. 
  3. Waste of time: Mixing sound is not something you can achieve the desired result in a few minutes, it takes time before you achieve the desired result. Mixing with the Bose headphone is a waste of such precious time because the result might not be good and you will have to repeat the mixing process. 
  4. Reduction in transparency: When you are mixing sounds, you must listen clearly so that you know what to filter. When you mix with the Bose headphone, the noise-canceling feature would have filtered some sound, thereby reducing the transparency of the sound. 
  5. Waste of money: It will cost you money to buy the Bose headphone when you want to mix, at times, relatively costlier than mixing headphones. At the end of the mixing process, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you will have to buy another pair of headphones for mixing.

What can I do if I have Bose headphones and I want to mix? 

The Bose headphone is a quality product that will make you feel comfortable when you use it to listen to music but it can’t successfully serve as mixing headphones.

In a situation where you have the Bose headphone and you want to mix, you might be confused about what to do. Here is a list of what you can do if you have Bose headphones and you want to mix. 

  1. Buy dedicated headphones: You shouldn’t use the Bose headphone to mix. If you have the Bose headphone and you want to mix, you can avoid wasting time by buying the dedicated mixing headphone. Also, you can borrow from people that have mixing headphones. 
  2. Seek help: Instead of mixing with Bose headphones, you can go to a recording studio or speak to any sound engineer that could help you. You will be directed on what to do. 
  3. Postpone the idea: If you are unable to get the dedicated headphone for mixing and you can’t go to a recording studio, you can postpone the idea of mixing till a later date when you will have enough money to either buy a dedicated mixing headphone or time to visit a recording studio. 

Maintenance tips for Bose headphone

The Bose headphone is a quality product that could last for a lifetime if handled properly. The maintenance of the Bose headphone is very simple. Highlighted below are some of the things you can do to potentially increase the lifespan of a Bose headphone. 

Clean regularly

Dust and sweat could block the charging port and the ear cups if you do not clean them. You should clean the Bose headphone before and after use, with special attention to the ear cups. 

Keep properly

After a period of use and you want to keep the Bose headphone, you should not keep them in a damp location or where children and pets could easily locate them.

You can place it in the case and keep it where little children will not have access to it. Also, during a brief period when you might not be using the headphone, do not keep them on the chair, behind the door, or on the floor. Keep it where it will be impossible to match on it. 

Avoid using in bed

Though it offers comfort and might make you sleep easily, you should, however, avoid using it when you want to sleep. You might unconsciously sleep on it, thereby damaging it. 

Avoid over usage

The comfort offered by Bose headphones could be the reason why you want to use the headphone for an extended period. Nevertheless, remember to give the headphone a moment of rest after a long duration of use. 

Charge regularly

Do not wait until when the battery is completely depleted before you charge it. You can charge it anytime the battery is below 20%. Also, you can buy the charging case and put the headphone in it anytime it is not in use. 

Handle with care

The Bose headphone might likely get damaged when it falls on the floor. You should handle it in a manner that it will not fall on the floor.  

Regular update

Bose products are designed in a way that they need regular firmware and software updates, the headphones inclusive.

You should not wait until you are experiencing difficulty with the headphone before you update the firmware and software. You can check Bose website for recent updates. 

Periodic servicing

Servicing the Bose headphone periodically makes it function optimally. Make sure you service the headphones periodically before you experience any form of difficulty with them. 

Seek help

In a situation where you are experiencing any form of difficulty with the Bose headphone, you should seek help from professionals and accredited Bose agents. 

Troubleshooting Bose headphone

Buying the Bose headphone offers comfort and ease when you use them. However, you might experience difficulty on rare occasions. If you are in such a situation, you can troubleshoot with the following steps. 

  1. Difficulty in connecting: If the Bose headphone is on pairing mode and you are finding it difficult to pair it with a nearby device, you should first check if Bluetooth is turned on from the pairing device. You can also reduce the distance between the two devices and clear any form of obstruction. Also, you can reset the headphone if the trouble persists. 
  2. Inability to charge: Once the charging cable is connected to Bose headphones, it should start charging immediately. If you experience difficulty in charging, you should check the power source to make sure it is turned on. You can also check if you are using a compatible USB cable and if it is rightly connected on both ends. You can also change the power outlet you plug the charger into; it is recommended that you plug directly into the wall outlet. 

Are Bose Headphones Good For Mixing – Conclusion

The Bose headphone has many features that enhance users’ experience but these features will make mixing with the headphone difficult. You should get dedicated headphones for mixing.  

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